Put off my high Ebay shipping?

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  1. Is anyone else AMAZED and what people on Ebay will charge to ship a handbag? Like, $30.00 for domestic parcel post, uninsured, for a bag without a box?

    When I shipped Cat's bag, with the enormous heavy-ass Louis Vuitton box, and $500+ insurance, it cost me less than $30!

    Amazing. :evil:
  2. I just figured that's where they made their money! :evil:
  3. Yep, most people incorporate their ebay & paypal fees into their shipping... and some will even tell you so!
  4. I hate that. I just charge what I paid for + 1 Euro for packaging. I pay with insurance 8 Euros for domestic shipping and international it's 18. I actually won't bid on anything where I feel ripped off with the shipping costs.
  5. thats why, even though some of the LV sellers are reputable I wont buy..because i refuse to pay $30 dollars for shipping alone.
  6. I try to stay away from auctions with high shipping costs. I've shipped bags before, I know it doesn't cost $25 :suspiciou
  7. When I sold my Papillon 30 last week, I had to send the original LV box it came in as well, and that had to go in another bigger box. After insuring it and doing just priority for US domestic, I had spent over $45 on shipping it. When in fact, I had charged them $20 on shipping. So, I did lose out a bit! :blink: The person ended up getting a great deal b/c they bought the bag for $599.99 w/original receipt and only less than 5 times of use...bought from eluxury in july'05.. !
  8. Insurance really increases the price to ship. The last bag I sold on eBay cost me $23 dollars to ship by insured Priority Mail. I only charged $15 so I lost $$$$. I always include insurance in my shipping costs but many sellers don't--I'm sure they end up making money!
  9. I cannot stand ebay because of all the fakes on there. I assume they are all fakes and not worth weeding through. I have openly told sellers their bags are fake and they continue to keep the auction up without telling the buyers its fake. Report it to Ebay and they do nothing....Its so frustrating. I just do my best to stay away from that place.
  10. They charge a higher shipping, so they end up with a lower final sale value which ebay will charge them percentage fee based on the final sales, which means they will be less charged. That is my understanding.

    As for ebay shipping, it is so sad that some of you actually lost $ on your shipping. Is there any way to prevent that. On USPS's website, you can calculate postage for your package, I think ebay also provide a postage calculation function based on buyer's zip code. Has someone tried that? Does it work well?