put off by fakes!! ur views plz

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  1. well we all spend loads on designer hand bags - justifying it by means of quality and self respect etc.
    but it pisses me off every time i see a fake bag - some are worse than the other and make me laugh ..

    poeple know i dont buy fakes and they dare come into my house boasting their fakes... "oh i got this from malaysia .. it has to be real no matter how cheap it is"

    well helloo!! u get fakes in malaysia..

    in pakistan the most copied brand is indeed louis vuitton but a survey of other places makes you realise that it is indeed the most copied brand any where in the world!!!

    why why why!!
    is it so easy to copy lv or are they lazy in penalizing factories that produce fakes!!

    i refuse to believe that a primary operation where they can go into the factories and penalize them is impossible!!

    eveyr time i decide to buy a bag i want LV but i have been put off until now and turned away to gucci and fendi etc...

    when will this torture end!! aarrghhhhh
    i hate wearing real stuff in front of people'e fakes!

    no matter what the justification i feel BAD!
    tpf is the only place where i feel comforted about my money - but *sigh* this dilemna will never end!!
  2. Vent girl! I dont know either but fakes are TACKY! Im sure alot of ppl can relate to this.
  3. there are fakes for everything just knowing that your stuff is real should be satisfaction enough :smile:
  4. I loathe fakes and this influx of fakes is really annoying me. The very word "fake" is so offputting... I mean if you can't afford the real thing then stick to your budget, why mimic and copy something and mislead people?

    Like I said, Louis Vuitton must be turning in his grave...
  5. I feel the same way as you! Everyone should stick with their budget! I'm a college student and I love louis vuittons but I cannot afford them so I have tons of coach bags and juicy coutures! I always say that I rather have something cheaper as long as it's real! Hopefully I'll get my first Louis soon!! :girlsigh: People are pathetic. There was a time that I didn't want any LV bags because everywhere I turned ppl had fakies so I didn't want ppl thinkin mine was fake! But now I don't care because I realized that the difference is obvious! :supacool:
  6. in austria Gucci fakes (horsebit) are more popular than LV right now. whatever, carry what you like...
  7. don't let fakes stop you from buying louis vuitton
    if you know yours is real, that should be enough
  8. fake bags for fake people.
  9. In Mexico, Fendi bags (with the F logo, of course) are by far the most faked.
    In Spain, it is definitely the Carolina Herrera bags which are the most faked.
    ...so it does depend where you live. But if you buy the real thing, you know it is real an the best part of it is that authentic items (of any kind) age beautifully and you will never get that from a fake. So buy the real thing and use it!
  10. ITA, I never wanted LV either, because of all the fakes out there. I mean every market seems to have a stand with these bags..
    But I couldn't help it in the end either, LV just has such cute bags, I could no longer resist and had to give in at last... LOL
    And it's a real comfort knowing it's real and appreciating the overall quality of these bags.
  11. I just had a girl tell me today that the bags at Purse parties arn't fake they are "seconds".

    I'm like Ugggghhhh! No they are FAKE as can be.

    She said the FBI busted a party at the hospital and let them go because they said they were seconds.

    It pisses me off.
  12. I couldn't care less about fakes.
  13. Me too! Whatever, there's more important things in the world to worry about than if someone's bag is a replica.


  15. VERY TRUE :tup: