Put myself down for Chanel earrings!!!

  1. Hello gals! How are you all doing? Haven't been posting in a while, due to my bag ban SIIIIGH.

    Anyway I walked into the Chanel store yesterday and tried to buy the lovely Chanel crystal studs some of you have (the one with the interlocking CCs) but they didn't have any left for pierced ears (only clip-ons). So I've gone and put my name down, they say it'll arrive in less than a month hehehehee.

    It looks like the medium pair, but I'm really not sure esp since the SA said Singapore only brought in ONE size. It could be the small one. Anyway I will post pics once I get them!! Can't wait!!! Thank goodness the fiance didn't impose an across-the-board shopping ban!
  2. Can't wait to see your earings. I have these earrings too, but I never knew they came in different sizes. Anyone know how many sizes they come in? I think mine are the small ones. I love them, but would love to have larger size too.

    shiny_hair, you will love them, they are so bright and sparkly.
  3. I love those earrings,too. Two days ago I bought matte gold interlocking CC's earrings with a pearl. So simple!
  4. I love Chanel earrings and their costume jewellry.
  5. Don't forget to post pics!
  6. I am usually an LV girl but on a recent work/shopping trip to Melbourne my collegue pulled me into Chanel, and within 2 minutes I had purchased the medium interlocking crystal studs... my first Chanel purchase! I am now on the hunt for purses mwahaha
  7. Haha shiny_hair, the earrings are lovely substitutes, for now! Can't wait to see your pics!
  8. Thanks gals! I will definitely post pics when I get them (hopefully shd be soon)...

    Heheh joyfishyu you read my mind! Yes these earrings will do for now.... Wait till after Dec!!!:nuts:
  9. Heya... I only know there are diff sizes cos I remember someone posted abt them! Ummmm, can't remember the thread, do a search for Chanel studs?