Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll

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  1. (The CW Thursdays, 9 p.m. ET)

    It seems like an interesting concept, but I'm a bit iffy about this one . . . it seems too close to the Search for the Next Coyote Ugly or Search for the Next Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. I didn't really watch those shows when they were on.

    To all those who have ever dreamed that they could someday wear very revealing costumes in front of a crowd of paying strangers and sing, "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me," here is that fantasy realized. The Search for the Next Doll will pick a new girl to perform as part of the Pussycat Dolls pop-dance group, which originally began as a burlesque lounge act in L.A.'s Viper Room and now has its own space at Caesar's Palace in Vegas. In the first few episodes, we meet the candidates and hear snippets of lingering biographical heartache (weight issues, impoverished upbringings) as well as testimony to the Pussycat Dolls' questionable philosophy of empowerment through prancing about voluptuously and singing hit songs like the aforementioned "Don't Cha." Many of the girls also come down with a stomach virus. (That makes for fun viewing.) Whenever Dolls founder Robin Antin appears with a new task, everyone squeals like kittens.

    It's all strange and ridiculous enough to come close to entertaining - and good luck to the winner! But I can't help imagining the losers winding up like those Playboy bunnies gyrating in the desperate jungles of Vietnam in Apocalypse Now.

    (People Magazine gave it 2 1/2 stars.)
  2. I don't think this is a show I will watch, but I know a few guys that can't wait.
  3. I resent this show becuase it's on instead of Veronica Mars. Plus it just looks plain supid.
  4. I think it's pretty funny since only the lead singer actually sings! Everyone else is there for random dance moves and the chorus.
  5. Isn't the lead singer moving on with her career? Are they looking for a replacement for a lead singer? I can't see anyone going in and taking over her place.
  6. i know! i like veronica mars

  7. I seriously can't believe they replaced Veronica Mars with this! What in the world is the CW thinking?! I would never watch this show. If they wanted a short VM season they should've at least put on something that would appeal to the same viewers - a smartly written, interesting show. Not pussycat dolls!
  8. ^ I totally agree. Veronica Mars owns! I reaaaally dislike the pussycat dolls.
  9. It's done by the same guy who produces America's Next Top Model. Kenneth Mok I think is his name.

    Anyway, I guess because ANTM is so popular, they figure when you have a successful formula, keep it going. And correct me if I'm mistaken, but aren't the Pussycat Dolls a "product" act anyway, like the Monkees of old?
  10. I know you girls will totally understand. I am amused by this show, and thought i'd watch it, but now when we tuned in we realized my boyfriend acctually made out with one of those girls!! He doesn't get why I fondly refer to her as the "hussy"...hehe....but its been amusing to drink wine with my girlfriends and root for her to get booted.
  11. ^^I totally get what you are saying. I like that the girls who are catty and nasty are getting knocked down a notch.:wlae:
  12. Funny how shocked they were about the outfits they had to wear during their glass window performances. The Pussycat dolls are burlesque dancers. Shouldn't they know what they're getting into before they even tried to be a part of the group? :confused1:
  13. it's pretty entertaining, some of those girls are such divas.

  14. ya it was pretty amusing, how they all seemed like they could never do that....whatever. What do they think the PCD's do? Dance around in long johns and turtle necks?

    Stupid hussy my b/f went out with is still on the show...:yucky:

    At least she looked like an idiot last night, my favorite quote of hers was, "our song is the hardest because it has so many words." Classy!:p
  15. Does anyone remember Melissa S. from Making the Band 3? She will try out for any group!!

    The PCD's didnt really do a good job of hiding who the winner is until the show ends...the winner has been photographed on red carpets and performing with the group etc. Such a spoiler!!