pushy sales lady SLAPPED my arm cuz i didn't buy tokidoki at her store

  1. sooooooo i went to 'sequin' this store downtown vancouver, bc here that sells tokidoki and other brands and the asian lady who must own the store is always really pushy with sales. i told her i had 4 other prints and she slapped my arm asking how many i had bought in her store and i said none because they were last years prints. besides her freaking store didn't open until 3 months ago, ugh i'm pissed off about it and thought i'd tell you how awful she was to me.

    looks like i won't be giving SEQUIN any business from now on.

  2. weird lady!! But thats how asians are, they have funny ways to show their emotions by using different gestures to convey their true feelings.
  3. really lol? damn next time she does i'll do it back, but still my arm KILLS ;/
  4. WOW. I don't she'll be in business for very long.
  5. haha...I would have too. slap right back at her when she does.
  6. Mace her next time! hahaha
  7. Wow.. uh..wth? Punch her in the nose!!:bagslap:
  8. shave her eyebrows!
  9. yeah! haha you shouldn't have taken that.
  10. I think it's just because she's a really bad saleswoman, not because she's asian.

    And hopefully my asian-ness won't prevent me from conveying my true feelings when I say that I do not like it when people make broad statements about people based on race.
  11. Uh yeah... I don't think that's an "asian" thing... The Japanese don't do that... That's extremely rude and they're too much about politeness. I don't really see Chinese people doing it either... But I can see a hot-tempered Korean woman doing it! *lol* Too much kimchee!! :roflmfao:

    How hard did she slap your arm and how'd she do it? A regular slap or a backhand to your arm?
  12. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience :sad: But I agree with Maya.. I dont see store owners slapping customers here. To me, a slap with the front of the hand is offensive! But if its with the back of the hand, its more of a teasing/playful gesture. :shrugs: At least that's my opinion.
  13. Haha!! Not if it's a hard slap with the back of the hand!! Woopsh!!! *lol* Backhands can hurt!! My bf and I always joke around about that... If I do something or say something stupid, he's always like, "I'm gonna backhand your head." *lol* And I copy him and say the same, but it's not as funny when I say it.
  14. Ooh, let's not start fighting lol.:bagslap:

    I do agree that it has nothing to do with ethnicity, but just a woman that does not know how to act professionally. If she does that with very many customers, she won't be in business in a few months!
  15. Hahahaha true, true. It really depends on if it was HARD slap or not. Was it stinging afterwards or was it more of a shock like, "wtf?!" haha Some store owners/managers/workers ARE just really BAD at customer service.