Pushy or agressive buyers

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  1. I'm pretty new to this whole ebay selling thing but is it common for these potential buyers to be pushy & aggressive? I can understand needing clarification or a few more photos but some of the emails I've received are crazy! I have a full time job like most people so I cannot access my ebay account during the day. I had one lady emailing me continously stating she didn't know why I wouldn't email her back or send more photos-:wtf:HELLO LADY-I'M AT WORK, CANNOT LOG INTO EBAY OR POST PHOTOS. Or it's like they don't read your description or look at the photos in the ad & want you to create a magazine photo spread for your item & send it to them. This has happened to my sister in law too. Is this normal?????????:hysteric:
  2. It's normal for buyers to ask for more pics on expensive items but it's definitely NOT nomal for a prospective bidder to continously harrass you. This lady sounds like a nutcase- I'd defnitely block her from bidding.
  3. This is how I would respond.....Ebay is not my fulltime job, I don't have a problem sending more pictures to you but I can't do it from work, you should really learn to be more patient when shopping on ebay. Then I would block her.

    And if people ask me questions about things that are already in my listing I simply reply...Please go back and read my auction IN FULL and if you still have questions after that please email me again.

    If people email me in a nice polite way, I ussually respond nice and polite though.

    Ebay is my fulltime job, I don't have time to hold peoples hands, nor do I want to deal with someone who starts out being to pushy, or can't even read an auction.

    There are all types on ebay, if you sell long enough you are sure to meet them all ;)
  4. Thanks guys! I was just really shocked at first