1. http://www.luxury-shops.com/1_search/detail.php?ID=6286&category=21&subcat=&designer=

    I'm curious if I got it for a good deal, I think so? Does anyone know around how much this would have retailed for originally?

    I just sporadically (bad Helen) bought this off of luxury-shops cause I love the pushlock but I always see the ones with silver hardware and contrast stitching--I'm not a fan of contrast stitching and I prefer gold hardware when I can. This one is a little different from the others, hooray!

    I was wondering if anyone has it? :}? Or knew anything about this particular pushlock? It makes me think of the hardware on some pieces in the Fall collection, though I don't think this came out recently? I searched the forum but only found the pushlocks with silver hardware

    Also, has anyone incurred import taxes from getting anything from luxury-shops?
  2. Holy cow! A REAL pushlock Prada!!! I've seen so many gawdawful fakes on eBay, etc., that it's refreshing to see a REAL ONE!!

    It's very similar to my Easy Pocket bag. Have a look at it on my thread:


    Mine opens up and the inside is very similar to the Pushlock. Congrats. I love it!!

    That is a good price by the way, but I don't know about the tax question. I've not ordered from them before. I know there are some tPF people that have. Maybe you can do a forum wide search and see what you can find.
  3. Oh wow! I feel bad that I didn't even think about how the leather would be like, but I sure hope mine is at tdf as yours!
    Oh and I know! so many fake pushlocks on eBay! :shakes head in shame:

    Thank you soo much for linking the thread Prada Psycho!
  4. You're most welcome. Your leather looks like the same as mine. Interestingly it's goatskin! I'd never seen a bag made with goatskin before I got this one. If the care and maintenance card is still with it, I'd be curious to know what yours is made of, but the texture looks very much like mine.

    And if you like smooshy bags.....you are in for a treat! ;)

    Edit note: just looked at the close ups in your link. It's the same leather as mine. :tender:
  5. Oh what a delight! Hm, my Ferragamo bag I just got, is kidskin, I believe that is a kind of goatskin? It also has a light glazed coating too, so I can't feel any smooshyness but its still quite a delight
    Now I'm even more excited than I was finding the bag and making it through the checkout, I didn't know I'd be in for such a grand surprise! :}

    :claps hands: It's arriving the same day I'm moving into my new apt, which is this Friday, what a reward for working in the heat to move furniture and boxes, haha!