Push Up Bra

  1. Can anyone recommend a push up bra for a "D" cup?
  2. Hmm, D is already quite full... not to be a pain, but I'm wondering why you need a push up bra? :?: I guess it's a bit of a mystery to someone who is a B/C and couldn't even be a D with the most giant push up bra out there! LOL :p
  3. I need the lift that the right push up bra provides. Fullness is not my problem. :smile::smile:
  4. I'm also a D & I wear push-up bras for the lift/support it gives. I wear bra's from Victoria Secret's Very Sexy collection (the ones w/gel curve are my fav.)
  5. Thank you ladies, I'll definitely check out Victoria Secret's. :smile:
  6. You're welcome! :biggrin:
  7. Just because you're a d doesnt mean its full. it might fill a bra but my not be *up* there.