Push PresentS Extravaganza-who says you can have only ONE?!

  1. well...besides having hubby to spoil me, i figured i can indulge myself too! so instead of having one H box in the closet, i ended up with 2:yahoo:. i figured i "deserved" it after pushing a 9.5 lb boy out.

    well, they are quite shy since I haven't taken them out yet.:heart::heart:
  2. MAn, you deserve the STORE after pushing a baby out...I know...I've done it twice!!

    What did you score???????

    Having a baby is how I got my first Kelly....LMAO!
  3. I am usually on the BV forum, but have been lurking on H-forum. I saw your other push present and swooned. And I agree you deserve many Orange Boxes for bringing the large buddle of joy into the world. Maybe 1 box for each hour of pushing:graucho:. Seems only fair!

    Many congrats on all of your new love-eees:love:; now let them out of their boxes and show them off:yahoo:.
  4. Congratulations on your new baby and two H boxes. WOW... :woohoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. I wanta see!!! Pleeeezzz!
  6. Boy, I did not plan my push present properly. I got a ring. What was I thinking. I should have requested an H-bag. :s
  7. a ring is awesome! too bad my fingers are still megafat that i can barely fit my E ring and wedding band on now!
  8. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
    Hurry I have to go out to dinner soon. :choochoo:

    I wanna see it....
  9. Catabie, congratulations on the birth of your baby boy!!! And what a wonderful DH you have. 2 push presents? Fabulous!!!
  10. No worries.
    Between you and me...
    I gained so much weight (over 70lbs.:wtf:) and was feeling so sad about it that my DH got me the ring prior to birth as a cheer-up/push present. I got to wear it 2-weeks before it didn't fit.
    I couldn't put any of my rings on until my DD was 8 mos.:shame:
  11. Okay enuf talk. Show us the goods.
    Just so you know I'm living vicariously through you and your pretty and well deserved presents.:love:
  12. leaving for dinner now. will check back later.
  13. congratulations first of all!!!!!!!!!!!! second let's see what's in those boxes!!! lol
  14. 9.5 lb:wtf:

    You deserve as many H boxes as you want
    Make those babies show themselves. Tell them inhibition is out the window after you have a baby
  15. Congrats on your beautiful DS! And let's see the H!!