"Push" Presents--Ending my naughtiest shopping year with a BANG!

  1. My baby boy was born last month 19 months after my daughter was born. It's been an extremely exhausting and trying couple of months. Nike Golf and I were finally able to get to the Mall to pick up some little gifts to commemorate the occasion as well as relieve some of the stress I've been having being mommy to two active kids. A big shout out to my SA at LV who was able to hold my bag for two weeks until I could drag my butt to the Boutique.

    Here they are...don't Brown and Orange look FAB together?
  2. Your Babies are so CUTE!!! And yes brown and Orange are great together!.

    Now what's inside???:confused1:
  3. Da-da-da-da

  4. :yes: Oh c'mon please show us what is inside, I have to go to bed!!!!!!
  5. I had a lot of fun at LV with my SA. Nike Golf told her how much I was freaking out about whether my bag was still going to be waiting for me. I tried on a lot of the new things such as: Griet in Noir, Mirage Speedy in Bordeaux (wanted to bring her home with me but could only take one home), Motard Pochette (Loved this one too, wish I could take this one home as well) and Motard Biker.

    This is the one that has been calling me though...
  6. Love the Nimbus!!!! Congrats!!!
  7. Nimbus PM in Perle. I love slouch and the leather was TDF! I originally wanted the Anthracite but tried the Perle on and fell in love! She's my first LE aside from my Sophie Mono and Sophie Damier. Long ago I told MB I hated the Cloud Line and now I eat my words. The PM size is so dainty, cute, sassy, LOVING IT!

    At H, I got an enamel bangle that goes PERFECTLY with my Nimbus. In fact, I took the Nimbus out and the H SA was totally enamored with my bag. She asked, "Wow, is that Limited Edition?" LOL
    IMG_4021.JPG IMG_4022.JPG
  8. Congrats to your new baby. My kids are 17 moths apart, so I know all the stress and work you must be going through!!! Don't worry, you're not alone!! And lucky you, I didn't get a 'push' present!!!
    Almost forgot, congrats on your bag and belt as well.
    As always, can't go wrong with either a BROWN, or ORANGE shopping bag!!!
  9. I am a Nimbus gal myself! Great taste! Congratulations on your "push" present!
  10. These are the last purchases of the year, I've been bad. My SA informed me that my LV page in the system is 2 pages long form this year along. YIKES!

    Oh, and don't worry, Nike Golf got some great presents. When baby was born he got a Keep All and Taiga wallet and today we ordered his Nintendo Wii.
  11. Ooohhhh great choice, love the Nimbus. Congrats on the bag and the baby, (what a sweetheart)! How did the Griet look on, was it heavy, too large.....just right. I would love to have a chance to play with it. Beautiful bangle too, It does match the Nimbus perfectly.
  12. wow ... very nice, congrats!

  13. You just opened my eyes! My husband is always talking about me and my bags, yet I never mention his addiction of Video Games. We have ALL the game systems and over 120 games. Jeje, from now on, every time he mentions my bags I will sure remind him of this :graucho:
  14. lol i was thinking to send this thread to my hubby as a hint for my "pushing" next year untill i read your last post about nike golf getting presents too :p. congrats!
  15. ooooh, congrats!