Push present?

  1. do most hubbies give their wives something after a birth of a child?

    what does it usually consist of?? jewelry? watch?

    just need some opinion b'c we are expecting our first baby this september:heart::heart:
  2. The people I know, it's 50-50...a nice thought is a ring with the child's birthstone, yours and your DH's or starting a charm bracelet or a pendant or ring where you can add stones (if you will have more children).
  3. Congrats on your upcoming arrival:yahoo:Hmmm, I personally didn't receive anything but most of my girlfriends did. In fact all of them did, but I don't feel I missed out because DH does spoils me quite often. The gift was usually a piece of jewelry and mommy got to pick it out (bracelet with birthstones, diamond earrings etc).
  4. I made DH believe it was a standard thing ;)
    W/ my DD I got diamond stud earrings {recently upgraded them though}, w/ my twins he got off kind of easy. I initially asked for a diamond tennis bracelet but instead chose a thick sapphire/diamond band instead. . .
    but got the tennis bracelet for Mother's Day the next year so it worked out really well for me:lol:
  5. Myhubby got me the Tiffany Elsa Perreti Mother/Madonna present before I gave birth and the Louis Vuttion Bationolles Horizontal after I gave birth.

    I just bought him a Louis Vuitton Taiga wallet for the impending birth of our baby boy. I am packing it in my bag and will give it to him after baby is born. Its his first LV.
  6. I got a ring with the birthstones of my sons and my stepdaughters in it-it is what I asked for.

    And, after seeing you push a human being out of your body-he should be happily standing in line at the jeweler with his credit card out -LOL!
  7. EXACTLY my sentiments Nishi!
  8. Definatley! Jewlery. I somehow end up with cars though.
  9. I got a car but I think jewelry is the norm for push presents.
  10. I didn't get anything from my husband. Not even flowers! He was such a nervous wreck with our first that he couldn't even think beyond the birth! I didn't care though...usually he's amazing with presents. My baby was present enough for the both of us. The second time around though, I gave him plenty of hints that I wanted flowers at the very least!
  11. Hermes 35 cm Birkin
  12. I didn't receive anything from my husband. I had my daughter, and that's all I wanted! Hubby did buy Julia a lovely bracelet though :smile:
  13. I already got mine, but I can't wear it until after Luke is born. I got a pink sapphire and diamond bridal set. My middle child(now 11) lost my original when he was a toddler.
  14. Our daughter was born two days before Mother's Day, and we brought her home from the hospital on Mother's Day. DH gave me a diamond and gold band ring with "Mom" engraved into it. It was such a sweet and unexpected gift. I had spent years thinking no one would ever call me mom (fertility issues) and my ring meant that much more because of that.
  15. :roflmfao: Me too!!

    I got a sapphire and diamond ring to commemorate the birth of my son in May.
    Blue for boy.

    If I have a girl I would want something pink ;)