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Sep 16, 2018
Odd question for Mamas out there! Currently pregnant and looking at love/JUC rings as a push present/Christmas gift combined. However I’m finding that my fingers are swelling like sausages in any sort of heat/exercise! Will this stay?! Would you size up? Or wait a good few months until little one arrives? I tried pre pregnancy and was size 53 which was snug...
Oct 13, 2019
i wouldn't size up. My fingers went back to normal post pregnancy so i would not buy something during pregnancy as it would be too big after the swelling goes down and baby arrives. I would probably wait until after to ensure its the right sizing otherwise you may lose money selling and repurchasing
Aug 31, 2006
Ring sizing is so tricky... I unfortunately gained weight with each pregnancy and my old rings and shoes no longer fit! The trinity ring I bought for my middle finger during my first child's pregnancy now fits my ring finger... I ended up buying a YG Love when I was pregnant with my second. I would probably wait until after you give birth and your body has had a chance to recover before buying a ring -- or, make sure to purchase a ring that can be re-sized if necessary (e.g. no eternity rings or trinity, etc.)


Jan 1, 2016
Definitely wait! With my first baby I had to take my rings off by 5 months and couldn’t put them on till a few weeks after I delivered and even then they were TIGHT! They didn’t go back to normal for a while, but they eventually did go back. My next baby, my fingers didn’t change. Every pregnancy is different. Either wait, or get a necklace. A bracelet would probably be ok..... and I only say probably because everyone is so different and Cartier bracelets (if you go that route) really should have the right fit and swelling can mess with that too. Congratulations and good luck!
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May 29, 2010
Wait! With each pregnancy my ring sizes change (2 pregnancies went up 1-2 sizes and 1 pregnancy went down 1 size). With each pregnancy my fingers went back to normal. However, it took 3-4 months to do so.