Pursuit of Happyness

  1. Hi all,

    First of all, I would like to intro myself as a normal peasant working for a company as an employee. I am not rich. However, I am trying very hard to get to the entry level of the super rich, the wealthy people and it seems hard to attain. I hope the rich people here can share with me your views and what you can help, be it sarcasm or empathy. Some of you are self-made rich while some live off inherited wealth, for the lucky ones, please help me by providing some ideas for me to jump on the big ship.

    Friends around me says I'm quite a good looking guy but bit wasted for not being rich. I've realized that most pretty women want rich husbands, it's not that I'm not trying to be one, but many girls with extraordinary looks always snatch away from me before I have the chance eventually to get one I love. I'm not poor, just that I couldn't afford the luxury yet, living in big house with cruise and Z4 BMW.

    Sorry about my ranting, but perhaps I am beginning to accept that money does buy happiness, 99% of them. So tell me, why is the world so shallow and what can and what should I do to join the ranks of the riches? Jokes and serious sharing are both welcome.

    Floating on a platform,
    Pursuit of Happyness guy
  2. Soooo...What are you doing here?

    Money does not buy happiness...Money just makes life easier SOMETIMES. What type of relationship do you think you'll have if you have a woman by your side who is only with you because you are rich? Not a very good one...

    I don't think the world is so shallow, I think you're pretty shallow and the group of people who you surround yourself with sound pretty shallow.
  3. ^^ Well, I think what Lamiastella said pretty much sums up my feelings as well.
  4. Welcome!!!! Very interesting questions and comments...

    I cannot comment on being rich or becoming rich....but...

    I can just comment that nothing is as it seems. If you had a chance to talk to and be apart of the "rich"...you will see that, they go through the same problems as anyone else. And some have even more problems that money and power has brought them. If money solved everything... it should be a whole different world. I think that your only focusing on one aspect of having money.

    Real relationships takes more than money/looks...those that happen b/c of these factors, arn't real relationships to me. Money is a necessity...just like eating, drinking, loving, etc....its just a part of life, not the most important or the focus of it.

    Just my 2 cents...
  5. First of all welcome, and I don´t know if you´re serious in what you´re posting or just having fun, the bottom line subject is interesting but your motivations are questionable....and will get everyone:cursing:

    You are complaining on the world being so shallow, yet your motivation for getting rich is to have a "beautiful woman with extraordinary looks", how shallow is that ?

    Money makes life easier but doesn´t mean happiness, only superficial women are attracted by money and men who think money buy them everything including women.
    I still believe that only a little part of today´s world is that way only, and you can just ignore it.:confused1:
    Take care of your good looks, find an honest job and you´ll find a loving wife.
  6. Hey, maybe this guy and Purses should go out.

    He's got hi-uh-iii hopes, he's got, hi-uh-ii hopes. He's got, high apple pie, in the sky-uh-ii hopes.

    Keep the faith buddy! That rubber tree's got no chance...
  7. ummmmm honestly, get a education and work hard, and if the only reason you want to succeed is for ultra beautiful women to love you your pretty shallow, most women worth respect loves a man because of the way he makes her feel not for his bank account. He cant be a bum and treat her good but he has to be driven not lookig for a quick come up
  8. how about instead of pursuing wealth, you pursue happiness (and work on realizing that they're not the same thing at ALL), and instead of waiting for a woman with extraordinary looks, go find one that you love as a person.

    just a thought.
  9. You can always find a rich older woman to take care of you......
  10. Uhm ok. I'm pretty sure that you've seen the movie The Pursuit of Happyness since you're using it's title and even the way it spells happiness but I'm thinking that you got the wrong idea from the movie.

    Will Smith's goal in the movie wasn't to become rich or powerful. It was to provide a good life for his son. Seeing his son being happy made him happy and he wanted to make his son happy. That's why he went after the job. It wasn't to become rich.

    You know, I read in Allure magazine an article titled The Pursuit of Happiness. And there was one section that said that it was proven that while moving from poverty to middle class improves your happiness, moving from middle class to upper class doesn't have much significant change on your happiness.

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to be successful - I want to be successful when I get older - but don't let it consume your life.

    I think your thread should be titled "The Pursuit of Money" instead of "The Pursuit of Happyness" since that's obviously what you're in search of.
  11. I don't consider myself rich really, just "well off". I think maybe you should look at being rich a bit more realistically. It's very hard work to become "rich" but if you are willing to work your butt off, you have a chance.

    I believe in hard work and luck. :angel: I went to Stanford and majored in software engineering but it was really hard to find a good paying job right after college. Luckily, my father owns a huge software engineering company dealing with luxury car dealerships and he offered me a job because he knew how tough it was for me to find a job right after college. Without this luck, I wouldn't be driving a Z4 Coupe and Bentley and other luxury cars. I wouldn't be living in a 4,500 sq. house. I wouldn't be living this luxurious lifestyle.

    You might think this opportunity was just handed to me, when in reality I had to work very hard. My dad only gave me an intern position. MY DAD. He was tough on me because he didn't want me to earn what I didn't deserve. So I sucked it up and eventually worked my way up. About a year ago I was offered vice president of the company. Now I am working right below my father who is about to retire.

    I can tell you that money does not buy happiness. Money helps everything of course, but money is not everything. To me, true happiness is my family, friends, and husband.

    *edit* I agree with Liz..you should change your title. You aren't trying to pursue happiness, you are trying to pursue money. Also, I find it a bit shallow that you want to become rich because you want to meet girls. Pardon me if I have my facts wrong, that's just how I interpreted your "rant". Best wishes and good luck!
  12. I love how when people describe their lifestyle they have to casually mention everything they have. :rolleyes:

    (Sorry-that's my rant!)

    Anyways, I think you're being completely honest in what you want. Alot of people dont want to sound shallow so they say they just work hard when in reality, I think alot of those people are trying to achieve the same thing you are and that's money. I'm not condemning you, hey that's what I'M working and studying hard towards. I want to live a nice lifestyle and be able to have my children brought up with nice things. But you also have to realize that everything comes at it's time. You cant expect to be right out of college or just starting yoru career and making over 100k. You have to work from the bottom up. We cant tell you to change your reasons. Hey, if you are comfortable with a woman only being with you because you have money then that's your deal. If you really want just a "hot" girl but without any love in it (well, there will be love. from her towards your money.) then that's also something you will deal with.

  13. Excuse me for being honest and giving an example.

    I am just being proud of what I have worked hard for. There's nothing wrong with that.

  14. One inciteful post? Can you say 'troll'?
  15. ^That's what I was thinking too