Purskets... how many use them with your coach bags?

  1. I was thinking of buying one of these, do any of you use them, do you have pics of them in your coach bags?? Do you find them helpful when switching bags or looking for things.

    I found these when I googled purseket.

  2. I use a large purseket in my large Carly. Things would get lost in there without it. It helps Carly keep her nice shape too!
  3. I just bought a shaper for my Speedy, but how does this thing stay up? I know there are a few Coach totes I own that this might be nice for!!!
  4. in my carly:

  5. Thanks so much, this is helpful, I really think I need to get one of these for my Carly and my Gallery tote.
  6. Thanks, everything is so neat and organized, I'm definitely going to get one, thanks.;)
  7. what place sells that pink purskets???
  8. that purseket is from about 4 yrs ago. you might have luck on eBay. otherwise www.purseket.com