Pursket Arrived Today

  1. I ordered my purseket from a seller on eBay. It was brand new, and I would never of heard of the purseket if it wasn't for this Great Site!! The seller was great to work with. And because I'm in Canada - there was a delay - but it didn't bother me. I just waited patiently. I got the size medium for my purse.
    I love looking in my Mono Speedy 25, and have things organized. :yes:
    Here are some pics. :love:
    (Now It can organize more things - but this is all I was carrying in my Speedy).
    • ID Badge
    • Jump Drive
    • Lip Balm
    • Business Card Holder
    • Keys (Love the Key Holder!!!)
    • Wallet (I now am wishing for a LV Wallet - and I think MC White would look great. :shame: )
    • Memo Post It w/ Pen Silver Holder
    • Cell Phone
    • MC Cles looks great in the Purse as well.
    pearlspursket_3.jpg pearlspursket_4.jpg
  2. looks great! I order a Large for Speedy 30, can't wait to get my hands on it :smile:
  3. Its so nice that everything isn't all on the bottom. I didn't mind my Speedy before the purseket, but it's now so organized :wlae: lol
  4. :nuts: Nice leopard print and so well organised:love:
  5. Looks great!
  6. Looks great!
    The size, the color, perfect!
    I need one for my Damier speedy 25.
  7. Whoa! Looks really neat. I should get one for mine too. So medium fits perfectly for speedy 25 right? Thanks! ;)
  8. very nice, it goes well with your speedy
  9. Looks fantastic! I love that print, it's perfect! I keep telling myself to get one, it'd be sooo much easier switching out bags.
  10. WOW! Very organize. I must get one. FAST!;)
  11. Looks great and organized!
    I use the medium too for my speedy 25 in Cranberry.
  12. looks great very organized! thinking of getting one for my speedy too
  13. Yes, today was really nice having the pursket. I really love the leopard print. And I'm happy I got one! :smile:
  14. Cute purseket! I have one in London Plaid, and I got it from eBay as well! :yes:
  15. i just got a few too. i got the large london plan and the cranberry in medium. i have the large in my BH and it doesn't really fit right.... :confused1: