Pursket and crazy shipping $$$

  1. I was just about to order a pursket for my new Speedy 25, which is being shipped from ELUX but I noticed they charge a minimum of $9.00 for shipping. This seems so high! It is 1/2 the price of the pursket. Do they ever offer free shipping? If not does anyone have any suggestions?:wtf:
  2. I forgot to add that I like the one called garden circles or something like that and I have never seen it for sale on Ebay.
  3. I ordered a purseket last night and I noticed how expensive the shipping was, too. But the purseket itself is really reasonable so I don't have a problem with it. At least they ship UPS, so we can have a reference number, as opposed to shipping US Mail, which is so unreliable where I live. I don't really have an answer for you on what else you could do, other than searching ebay for one. I got the red large one for my speedy 30. Which one did you get?
  4. Yikes, that is costly! If you want, I can give you my contact person for Pursekets. Just PM me!
  5. I want the garden one it is pink not sure of the actual name.
  6. There is someone who sells pursekets on ebay for a better price and shipping, you might want to look there? I have bought a few from her, she has more colors than what she has listed.
  7. ^^^ Yes, I believe that is the seller I usually buy from.
  8. I sent her an email so we will see what happens. I just hate when shipping charges are 1/2 the items price, ya know? It just seems a bit excessive.
  9. Try a chameleon liner. I think shipping was really cheap!
  10. I do not know anything about these...how do you find them?
  11. I bought something called "purse bright" for my mc speedy 30....it is Fabulous! It has a light in it so I can actually see inside my bag! I was debating on purseket or purse bright and I'm so glad I chose purse bright. It is really amazing!
  12. I ordered my purseket last Monday... I wonder how long it takes to ship to Canada... I can't wait for it to get here!
  13. Would it fit in a speedy 25?
  14. Hi....Yes it would fit :yes: ....I have a speedy addiction so I will use this for all of my speedy's....when I ordered, it came with an additional purse bright organizer to fit a small bag as well (with an extra light). Can't wait to get a small bag to put it in...oh, what an excuse:lol: I think the total price including shipping was around $26.00...just google it and find the best deal.