pursetogo & NF

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  1. I've seen threads about pursetogo and the NF GM, but can't seem to find anything about the MM.

    Does anyone have this and a recommendation on size and color? I have the azur NF and was thinking teal or lavender.

    Mods - sorry if this is a duplicate thread!
  2. I'm also thinking of getting one of these for my Neverfull. I have the Damier Ebene, so I'll most likely get the red. I think the lavender would look really pretty in the Azur Neverfull. Have fun deciding!!
  3. Was that on their site? Don't know how I missed that. Thank you!

    I think the lavender will "go" with the bag, but love the teal color. The red will be perfect in the ebene!
  4. Yup, it was from the website.. and you're very welcome! I just ordered a couple of the Jumbo organizers, one for my Neverfull and one for my mom's Galliera. I ended up going for brown instead of red though... :s hope it won't look too odd, lol. I got one in tan for the Galliera, which should be alright.
  5. I'm sure it'll look great. In the pictures I've seen of others', you can't even tell what color the organizer is once the bag is full.

    I ended up getting Jumbo Turqoise. I just love how springy it was, and I love teal and red - so I could use it in my damier bag, too. We'll see!!
  6. Just an update if anyone else is interested.

    I got the Jumbo, per the site's recommendation, and it's too small! I mean, it's ok since I carry my laptop and it fits in the extra space the organizer doesn't occupy.

    But I wish I got the X-Jumbo for the MM, even if they don't have a large variety of XJ color options.
  7. Ack, I wish I would have seen this thread before now. I agree, the Jumbo is a little small for the MM NF. I would recommend the Extra Jumbo for the MM NF. I haven't ordered one yet because I don't really like the color selection for that size.
  8. Sorry to hear..

    I've received both and the Jumbo fits NF MM and Galliera PM perfectly. I do carry my NF cinched though, so maybe that's why. I'll post a pic if anyone is interested.