Purses we dont use/like - Sell or keep?

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  1. Im cleaning out my closet and found 2 purses that I'm not using, the other one I already posted in the MJ section.

    Last year my bf bought me a gorgeous red Guess purse that I was lusting for back then for my birthday but thinking about it..It's really not my style although I like it and think it's a reeeal beauty..

    But now I'm thinking..oh gosh..my bf gave it to me..Can I really get rid off it?

    I don't want to hurt his feelings althoug i'm sure he wouldn't remember and yes, it was the first bag he ever bought me..decisions, decisions!

    Edit: This actually goes for bags overall..like I feel bad if I got them for presents but I know I won't use them..what to do?
  2. I would probably sell..then again, I have A.D.D. when it comes to bags and Makeup.
  3. Personally, I could never sell something that was given to me as a gift. I would be upset if my SO sold something that I gave to him. If you talk it over with your boyfriend and he's fine with it, then go for it. You shouldn't sell it without notice though, because if/when he does find out, you wouldn't want him to be hurt.

    As for the other bag, if you don't use it anymore you might as well sell it and use the funds to purchase a bag you'll actually wear. :yes:
  4. I sell mine off. Before, I never thought I could.. but it actually feels good to get some money back and make more space for newer items that you'll love/use more.
  5. Thanks, ladies! I guess Im gonna give it a try but it does feel hard parting with a purse even though I don't use it..kwim? :sad:
  6. I totally understand! It's so hard for me to get rid of anything, especially if it has sentimental value. If your bf wouldn't notice, I wouldn't worry about him being hurt by it...

    When I need to get rid of something that's hard to get rid of, I try to focus on how much someone else would appreciate it. Like if you sold it on eBay, imagine how happy and excited someone would be to buy it, especially if they've been looking all over for it! :yes:
  7. I agree completely!
  8. I sell mine!
  9. I would talk to him about the bag and see how he feels if you decide that you want to sell it. I decided that I'm going to sell a few of my small Coach bags because I simply outgrew them (I swear the older I get, the more stuff I carry in my bags!), and I talked to my mom first, because she's the one that got them for me. She wants me to keep a few, but I'm glad that I spoke to her first rather than just selling them without telling her.
  10. Sell baby sell! Bags are too expensive just to let them sit around unused- I just recently sold a Prada that was one of my first "nice bag" acquisitions. It hurt a little to see it go but I definitely enjoyed the proceeds more than I had enjoyed the bag in the months prior.
  11. I have no problem selling bags I've outgrown. The way I look at it, I'd rather have the spending money to by a bag I truely love now, then I closet full of bags I loved then.
  12. I sell and buy more although I am trying to be more selective with my purchases.
  13. If you have bags or anything else that are still serviceable, get in touch with the org in your community that helps ladies liberate themselves from abusive relationships.

    They will usually even come and pick stuff up, since their location must, for obvious reasons, remain undisclosed. (Unless they have gotten big enough to have two or more locations and use one as an office/donation drop off)

    Anyway, the people they serve frequently have to leave the place they have been living with their abuser without their possessions, and arrive at the safe house with nothing. They are starting new lives and could care less if something has a designer label, a fake label, or no label. They just need something to put their stuff in, clothing to wear, etc.

    Another good org is Dress for Success, who help people who would like to look for jobs that pay a Living Wage but don't have the money to buy the clothing they would need for the interviews, or to wear to the job once they get it.

    I keep a plastic garbage bag in my closet. It is the Blessing Bag, and whenever I realize that for whatever or no reason, I am not going to use or wear an item, I put it in the Blessing Bag, and when it is full, I call the local org and tell them about it, and they come and get it and take it away so that all the stuff in it can Bless somebody else.
  14. ^^I love the Blessing Bag idea in your closet, thanks Shimma! I am doing that.
  15. That's a great idea, Shimmapuff!

    As for the bag that your bf gave you, I would really keep it if you're trying to choose between keeping or selling it. I mean, I'm sure it's a nice bag, but it's not like having an unused Birkin in your closet (ie you can't sell it for thousands) and your SO might be a little hurt over you letting it go. It won't take up too much room in your closet.

    If a bag was a present from a more distant relative or a relative who won't be offended, I would say sell it, but gifts from the bf, you should probably keep those, if not forever, at least for awhile.