Purses under $500

  1. Hi guys! I first want to say I love this forum :smile:

    I would love a LV bag (or Chanel) but I really can't afford anything over $500. What other brands do you love under $500.

    I have a Henri bendel bag and a Gucci purse that is a gift (non leather)
  2. I LOVE MK. Well..I love MK Hamilton's mostly.
  3. I like Michael Kors, Coach and Fossil.
  4. What do you guys think about Kate spade, Henri bendel ?
  5. I like Coach and Kate Spade. I'm at that price point as well and I'm quite happy with those brands.
  6. I love Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade and MBMJ for bags under $500!
  7. What kind of bag are you needing/wanting?

    Have you checked out the Contemporary section on tPF?

    And you don't even have to go designer or contemporary, some high street stores also offer nice bags but I would keep away from designer copy cat or trendy styles. Not saying this is your style but I have a plain black washed-leather All Saints bag I bought in the sale for £100 (approx. $150). It's gives of an urban vibe like Rick Owens. I get as many compliments on that bag as any other and it's still going strong years later. What I'm trying to say is don't compromise just because you think your budget is low, actually $500 can buy you something in your style and can last years.
  8. You should check out Madewell and Zara. I know they're predominantly clothing stores but I really like their selection of bags as well. The quality is great and IMO sometimes better than the contemporary handbag brands.
  9. I like Coach and Dooney & Bourke. I don't have any Kate Spades but my daughter likes them. Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Brahmin are also good choices. There's lots to choose from in this price point, so I would narrow down if you want leather, canvas, etc and a style that you love or would use the most. Then you'll have loads of fun choosing your next bag :smile:
  10. Thank you. I also think Rebecca m has some in this budget. I'll check hers out too.
  11. There are a ton of great options in that range. This forum can be a bit crazy price-wise sometimes.

    Try LP, MK, KS, RM, Coach, Furla maybe AW or PL on sale?
  12. I'm really bad w abbreviations.. Lol any one willing to help w those?
  13. I think:
    LP - linea pelle
    MK - Michael kors
    KS - Kate spade
    RM - Rebecca mink off
    Coach, Furla
    AW - Alexander wang
    PL - Philip lim

  14. I LOVE Coach for that price point, and Marc by MJ also has solid leather bags in that range too. Kate Spade is a lot of fun, Rebecca Minkoff, and also Cole Haan.
  15. How about Marc Jacobs? He's got great bags in that price range. One of my first bags was Venetia, and it is very durable and looks like new.
    Furla is also a great choice at that price