Purses stolen at Church!!

  1. Okay, we all know we need to keep an eye on our purses no matter where we go....but I always leave my stuff on the pew when it's time for communion. Bummed! No more...


    Purse thieves strike during Honolulu church services

    Churchgoers are being warned to keep an eye on their valuables after a recent rare spate of thefts during Sunday and funeral services in at least eight Honolulu churches.

    Here's the link for the rest of the story...

  2. that's just scary. people are so disgusting sometimes.
  3. i don't think i'd be stealing stuff when jesus is watching...

    that's just sad. :sad:
  4. uh Jesus is always watching, not just in church! :angel:
  5. i know. :p
  6. how low can you go? seriously! heard this on radio this morning. boo to bad people.
  7. Ugh..that really disgusts me. Some people just...have no morals. So sad.
  8. You know, I'vethought before that I wonder if in larger churches, if thieves would ever go there for that very thing.

    We do have a false sense of security in church...assuming that everyone else there is in search of 'holy things' as well. I guess we're all naive. It's sad...
  9. God, if you can't feel safe in church, where CAN you feel safe...? :s
  10. Sadly I think it's more common than people realise.

    I usually take my handbag with me when I go up for communion. In my last church (which was in the city centre) we had a spate of thefts and our priest asked people (women in particular) to bring thier stuff with them when they came up for communion. People used to come into church to specifically steal (easy enough in a city centre full of shoppers etc) - even worse I suppose it was during the day when it was mostly old people attending Mass. Also in some cemeteries and crematoriums where I live many mourners have found their cars broken into when they got back from the graveside/crematorium and it does sometimes appear in the local press.

    Don't think some people have any morals, scruples or decency. So sad. :sad:
  11. This is so sad!! :sad:
  12. :wtf: Are you serious? Just when you think you've heard everything, some idiot goes and lowers the bar even further....
  13. I think it is crazy for a woman to leave her purse at church. Just because it is a church does not mean the people there are going to pray. Too many people are careless about leaving there purses around and then don't understand why they were stolen. Well they get stolen because they are sitting there alone waiting for someone to take them.
  14. That is just wrong!!
  15. Not only in churches, but also in funerals, weddings and parties. You can't imagine how thieves can think of ways to scam poor innocent victims.