Purses shipped in envelopes

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  1. I am so, so, so sick of this. I just got my fifth bag shipped in a big mailer in the last two weeks and now the leather is creased. WTF
  2. I hear ya. I also get annoyed when the bag isn't stuffed when shipped, because that leads to dents/creases as well.
  3. I always ship in a box AND I bubble wrap the heck out of every bag I ship. The thought of receiving a purse in an envelope is cringeworthy!!
  4. I hate that too! What if the envelope got punctured? The bag could get ruined. :nono:
  5. Totes. I shipped them stuffed and in a box that fits. I'm starting to advertise that now in my listings and I look for that in listings now. I also hate pics that make the item look so much better than it was. I was disappointed with a maggie where the lady said has stains, refer to pics and the pics didn't look bad, but irl the purse was much worse.

    It sucks for sure. Got one purse folded up in a turned inside out gummy snacks box.

    My last one the envelop was barely sealed and the purse was peaking out. I'm going to take a long eBay break as both a buyer and a seller (well after the last two listings end anyway).
  6. It's a problem because sellers get stars now. People are afraid of getting dinged so they throw bags into little boxes and envelope and butcher paper to keep shipping down. Or they offer free shipping and use a paper bag to ship.

    Last week I got a huge leather tote folded into 4 and shoved in a 12x12x6 flat rate box.
  7. :shocked:
  8. I received one in a padded envelope that was ripped halfway open. It wasn't as described, which had nothing to do with the poor shipping and the seller agreed to take it back. So I put it back into the envelope, and surprise, it cost more to ship it that way then in a flat rate box. So there was really no reason to ship it in a envelope.
  9. I wish they made super sized padded envelopes, it should be super roomy, and the bag inside should be stuffed with paper filler. I received a bag that was sandwiched into cardboard wraps and of course the bottom portion of my bag was folded and flattened. I think the crease is better now, but I remember how disappointed I was when I first unpacked it. I'd rather have a super sized envelope than box sometimes.... one time I got a box w designer purse, and the box was literally busted wide open and held together by a thread :sad:
  10. If the bag is damaged, you should file a SNAD. It's the seller's responsibility to get it to you in the condition described in the auction. That includes packing it so as to avoid damage.

  11. :nogood: It is disappointing ther way some sellers ship out items...

    And after so many discusssions on this forum about that, they still
    seem to just throw it in the smallest box around..
  12. I received a Balenciaga GH City in an envelope about two years ago. Not padding at all. The seller's excuse was that this was the only shipping method for her country. ((??))
    If this is the case it should have been in the listing and how can a country stop you from placing padding around a handbag or mailing it out in a box?
  13. I have always shipped in a box. I have only received a bag once in a paper envelope...good thing my bag arrived fine!
  14. I once got a gold ring that was taped between to pieces of carboard and stuffed into an envelope. Amazing what goes through people's brains.
  15. I was just thinking....where do these ppl come up with these things?