purses on vacation.

  1. i am going on vacation in 2 days and already the anxiety of picking a handbag to bring is setting in...i am only going for a week but the idea of only using 1 handbag for an entire week is really a lot to bear! do you ladies bring more than 1 handbag while you are going away? i am going in a car so i don't have to worry about checking it in on a plane, but i just don't know how many is ridiculous to bring. :confused1:
  2. Usually, I bring one with me on the plane and one (smaller one) in a suitcase for going out, etc. You can always pick up an extra one while on vacation.:idea::graucho:
  3. I always bring two. One which I carry and one smaller bag for evenings.
  4. I am having the same problem I am going to Vegas on sunday and don't know which bag or bags to bring......
  5. I am a strictly one bag girl if it is a real holiday i.e. not a work related trip with socialising but a full on :beach: moment! And I tend to go for something I wouldn't wear a lot at home that is adaptable. This year I am anticipating a metallic Mulberry that was a steal at Bicester village will do the trick nicely but I have previously taken my putty coloured Tods hobo and a beige Lulu Guinness and felt okay with both.
  6. p.s. I hope every TPFer has a wonderful holiday whatever bag they choose . . .!
  7. Try to take several long deep breaths and choose a neutral shoulder bag that will go with everything. It is a hard thing to do. Been there.....
  8. I usually take one bag ( big) and a small bag and use the smaller one at night.. but most of the time I end up buying a bag or two on my trip
  9. I take a hands free Gucci messenger, and my LV Mono pochette for evenings. It's my travel uniform. I just automatically take them out when I take my suitcase out. Makes life easy, and me, chic.
  10. I bring 4. I bring my LV speedy for the plane ride (holds lots of stuff ), I bring my favorite small black perlina bag for evenings (not expensive, won't be too upset if it gets lost, drinks spilled on it, etc). My coach swingpack for day and shopping. And if we go on an activity I have a no name denim messenger like bag big enough for a water bottle, sunscreen, etc that can get wet, dirty, lost, etc.
  11. yeah, I feel your pain! I usually change bags daily, so going a week with only 1 or 2 is painful!

    If I'm on a plane, a zip top bag is an absolute must in my book. For business travel, that's my LV Saleya PM. On my recent business trips, I just brought that one and then took a little time to shop and get another bag as a souvenir!

    If it's not a business trip I will still take a bigger bag like my saleya and then a smaller clutch for going out.
  12. hmm ok thanks for all the advice...i think i've decided on a large hot pink handbag that will only match a few things but i must have with me for the car ride, and i'll pack another large white bag that i can use for other outfits...and then a black clutch for if i need that...i don't know i think i am getting calmer haha but i hope everyone has a great trip who is going on one!!! and thanks miss sooky :smile:
  13. I think I agree with everyone who has posted in saying that you need at least two bags, a large one and a small one. Sometimes if I'm feeling really adventurous I'll take four, two big and two small in brown and black to be ready for (mostly) anything :p
  14. I bring a couple, depending on where I'm going and how long my trip is. I always bring an evening bag, usually metallic, silver or gold, depending on what color my shoes and dress are.

    For my weekend trip to London, I may only be bringing one bag, just a Marni doctor's bag with a link chain strap. It's a bit bulky for going out so I may bring a gold Gucci clutch too.
  15. I have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM! My flight leaves Wednesday, and I'll be gone until the following Tuesday, and I can't decide which bag(s) to take! It's sheer torture. My mom told me to only take one or two (the one with the most colors, she said). But like you, I can't BEAR the thought of only having two bags for seven days. If I go out during the day, I want to come back and change clothes, shoes, and handbags in case I do something later in the evening! My BF is like, "You can always just buy a handbag when you get there," but I like the ones I have. I want to take four bags (which still seems, to me, like a mere pittance) and one clutch, and I think I'll take my Coach swingpack since it won't take much space to pack, but the problem I have is: WHICH four purses? I've decided to put my purses in my carry-on bag, since I worry about lost luggage.