Purses in the Grass

  1. I wouldn't mind, but I personally wouldn't photograph my bags that way.
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    This -- that's a super idea sadiesthegirl, I'd buy from you in a New York Minute! ;)

    I'd much prefer it if the bag was 'put'/placed' on something when being photographed for sale. Its just a preference--as I personally do try everything possible (and yes, it can be very tricky at times...) :nuts: to keep my handbags off the ground. Good thread OP--always good to hear what whateve has to say, questions raised and discussions put forth. :tup:

    Push comes to shove--if its a bag that one MUST simply have--there's always this right: As soon as it arrives, clean it thoroghly as much as possible...I always do--regardless if the item was photograped on the grass, on the floor or off anyways....KWIM.
  3. NO WAY. I'm assuming on top of the down lid? But still, ugh. Nobody wants to see that.

    I find it weird how puritanical people are with their bags, yet put them on seats and then their kitchen counters. Eww. Bacteria is everywhere. To each their own I guess.
  4. THIS. I also agree with everyone who has NO problems with the bag being on the grass. I put mine on the grass all the time. Whether it would be for pictures or because I have to.

    I have placed my heavy tote on the floor in College because putting them on the chair or the small desk is impossible. The bag comes out looking the same.

    I would not buy a bag that has been placed on the toilet either. That is just filthy!
  5. i am the same way! my bags never sit on the floor let alone the ground outside!
    my grandmother always said if you keep your purse on the floor you will never have money in it! even in my car it is on the back seat. silly superstition i know but i live by it. not to mention how absolutely dirty it is!

    no bag of mine will ever be on the floor/ground!
  6. I don't care...LOL
  7. Look at my avatar!! It's sitting on top of a pretty bush..no mud no dirt...just clean leaves. I mean, obviously if it was a light coloured bag I would mind...but a dark coloured bag, nope not at all, especially if it was sitting on a thick lush bed of grass.
  8. A buyer left a happy feedback for the bag. So it was all fine then.
  9. I personally don't think it's that big of a deal, but I know others sometimes do. If I photograph my bags outside, I always place them on top of their dust bag, towel or somethings of the like as to not ruffle any feathers!