Purses Im Drooling OVer!!

  1. Hi Ladies, thought i might share my latest Lust with you lovely girls out there. Tell me what you think of these Purses!!!

    1. The Diagonal CC Flap. Absolutely Gorgeous..Have it on and you think you in Heaven!!!!
    2. Timeless Classic in Patent Leather! YummYliCioussss
    3. Timeless Classic In LimeGrrrreen. Grrrrrrr! Leather looks LIke Caviar but its softer than Caviar..However its more Durable than Lamskin! Isnt This the perfect kindda leather every1 Wants? Lambskin< X <Caviar. Purrrfect!!
    4. Classic Flap In Med (LimeGreen)!!!! Same Leather As Above!
    5. Cute Little Rounder Bag ON the Left! cute As A Button!!!
    DSC01742.jpg DSC01746.jpg DSC01928.jpg DSC01929.jpg DSC01927.jpg
  2. And Who Could Resist these Beauties Below!!

    1. White Patent 2.55 (size 226)
    2. Black PAtent 2.55 (size 226) With Gold HArdware! The perfect Combination!!

    NOw i just HOpe i will own these bags soon!! please Pray For Me!
    DSC01737.jpg DSC01736.jpg
  3. I like the timeless classic in patent leather. Gorgeous.:amazed:
  4. Kouki, very nice indeed! where were the pix taken? some remind me of the Chanel at SHM?
  5. I love that Timeless Classic. I hope to be trying it on IRL at the Charlotte Purse Meet.
  6. They were taken in Bangkok and Singapore while i was on a trip there! Do you girls like it?? tell me which one is your fav??
  7. Piperlu---> Trust me, when you try the PAtent Timeless Classic one..you will be Absolutely Smitten...with the Capital S!!! I wish i had enough money to buy then cuz i was on holiday..so was on a budget..these picstures were the only Indulgneces i had from the Trip!!!
  8. And ALso the Timeless Classic IN White PAtent!!
  9. I love number 5! it is really nice- what is that called??
  10. those timeless classics are so beautiful! i want all of them! do you remember how much they retail for? (the patents and leather) you have me drooling over all of those bags too now. :smile:
  11. The timeless classics are my favorites!!! Soooo pretty!
  12. I love the round black shoulder bag...too cute!
  13. YEah The Timeless Classics IN patent are Absolutely Irresistable. But im not sure how much they retail for..Couldnt Remember as they were in Foreign Currency! Sorry Kirsten!

    Airress---> im not sure what bag is that called but arent they too cute to resist? i was wondering myself too what are they call. They are most likely called The Flap Bag! :smile:
  14. how come you girls always post pics. of such a beautiful bags? I guess my Saks has very few inventory to offer. Every time I go they have only a couple of old bags on display and 2 or 3 new. :crybaby: jewelry? even worst! :shrugs:
  15. I love them all, especially the timesless classic in white patent and the diagonal CC flap. Beautiful bags!