PURSES! collection

  1. Not much....YET!

    LV Speedy 25 (spank'n new)
    Damier Accessories pouch
    LV wallet
    2 Gucci's (the beginning of my addictions)
    Coach (wear and tear)
    Gucci wallet (love the color)
    Marc Jacobs
  2. congrats on the speedy! Also the Gucci next to it is so cute
  3. Hey Purses! Love the Speedy 25. I just got one too, from elux. Just curious, was yours made in France or USA? I was hoping to get one made in France - I know I know, just snobbish that way ... but mine was made in USA.
  4. mine was made in USA
  5. Nice collection :love: The MJ looks super cute!
  6. what a beautiful collection, i really like that MJ
  7. Nice collection!
  8. Wow! awesome collection!
  9. Great collection!
  10. Very nice! I love your Gucci bags. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Oooh I love the navona, great collection !
  12. thanks :smile:
  13. nice collection...i like that gucci in the back.
  14. nice collection i love all of your gucci bags
  15. Your collection may be small, but everything is beautiful. I especially like your Gucci tote with the coral trim. :love:

    I actually prefer to have a smaller collection, because I want all my bags to have equal opportunity to be carried! :biggrin: