purses and frugality

  1. I just wondered if any of you are frugal even though you carry expensive purses?
    today, i popped to the store to buy cleaning supplies, the cheeky lady behind the counter asked if my bag was real or not because she wouldnt think i needed to use coupons...i was a bit shocked, firstly that she would say something like that to a customer, secondly that she would say that at all!!

    i have nice things and our bills are paid quite easily every month, we dont go out and blow money though but we do buy what we like... however certain things, groceries, cleaning products, toiletries i will usually only buy if i have coupons or they are on offer... i just dont see the point in spending money for reason..

    maybe thats why i get to carry round a real purse and our bills get paid!

    what are your thoughts? anybody else a frugal mare like me? but still buys expensive things?
  2. That was mighty rude of her. I tend to skimp on the same items you mentioned you do. I use coupons too...who wouldn't? I don't go around telling people their bags are ugly b/c they don't cost a lot or they're "inspired" bags or anything of the like, so I kind of get offended when others make judgement on my tendency to want expensive handbags and shoes.
    I'd prefer eat peanuts all month and carry my bag/s than eat steak and carry anything else!
  3. Wow, that was tremendously presumptious and rude of a salesclerk to say. I save in a lot of ways, not because I have to, but because it only makes sense not to pay more when you don't have to.

    For example, we live in the country and our nearest neighbor is 1/2 mile away. When we are not expecting visitors, I hang laundry out to dry. Not only does it smell so much better, but it saves big time on electricity. A friend who showed up unannounced referred to it as "quaint". Somehow, I had always figured that saving on energy and saving loads on electricity was responsible, not "quaint"!
  4. Wow how rude!!!

    I think of myself as cheap when it comes to some things and overly extravagant with others. Frugal is my husband ;)

    That said, purse, makeup, jewelry or not if I can get a highquality item without forking over too much money I will.
  5. That woman who commented was low class.
    I definitely save money on things that I can save money on. Why not? That's being a responsible consumer. I don't have money to throw away. I'm just being smart. I buy most of my bags on sale too. I sell bags I'm not using or have outgrown. Savvy shopping is the way I can have my beautiful handbags. I don't buy fancy jeans. I go to the Gap. But my handbags are gorgeous!
  6. I'm not GOOD at being frugal but live soley on child and spousal support until my youngest is in school all day (he has been home f/t till next SEpt. and it just does NOT pay for me to work when with my qualifications i would not make as much as child care here costs) so by necessity live rather frugaly compared to many (especially posters on here it seems) Having said that we live an ok life materialistically since my parents help me out on occasion to buy the kids clothing as bday and holiday gifts etc or with good coats and shoes and they also help pay for dance classes etc so my kids are not living a bad life. For the 5 of us to go to the movies though is a chunk out of our weekly spending as an example so lil extras such as this i just spread out and do in moderation.
    People are occasionally surprised if they ask if my bag is real when i say yes...i don;t spend much on clothing that gets stained, outgrown (my weight yo yos) or ripped as i am busy with the 4 kisd and 2 big hairy dogs and don;t go anywhere dressy too often...i do spend on comfy cute shose lately and preserve them by wearing junk ones to scoop the yard lol and the leather boots and coats i have i have either already had or will have for a bunch of years...but i do take care of these items and they look new. My feeling is in winter around here no one really notices if i have a basic outfit on if my coat, shoes and bag are nice and my jewelry is too.
    Most of my bags were gifts from my coocoo ex who is always thinking he will woo me back despite me NOT leading him on and my Dad recently gave me $500 and i put that toward an LV. I have gotten a few new ones in the past couple mos. but normally i only get a new bag, usually Coach until now, in the fall and in the spring. I still use the old ones (most look new or close to it) and switch off. I lost among others 2 Gucci, 1 Coach, and a great Fendi in storage early on in my marriage and went about 8 years or more buying myself nothing nice as i had lil babies to buy for. I just started up again about 3 yrs ago...so most of my collection is fairly new.
    Oh also (sorry if i am all over the place but my dogs and son keep interrupting lol) since my ex took us into bankruptcy right before we split (his second and no it really was not me as i was never even on a joint acct or had a credit card once i was with him..control freak) i have no credit card so i really have no choice but to stick to my budget and allow some for emergencies. Having said that i'm w/o a duobt if i DID have any ccs i would have a few more bags and be a few more dollars (besides the fence i am currently repaying my Dad for lol) in debt...this is good and bad. I wish i had more security for emergencies besides calling my Dad at 35 and i do wish i coulddecide to buy something right now like others and pay it off over a few months vs the wait feeling like forever to save. It is a good feeling when you are done saving then. But anyway i see nothing wronng whetyher you need to or not in being careful with other areas in spending to help afford or justify to yourself splurging purchases. And especially if you can afford to slpurge to all of you i say go for it...life is too short to do nothing but save for old age LOL Sorry my delete key is suddenly not working so pardon the usual typos... f;
  7. Oh heck yeah. Consignment clothing, cheap food, expensive bags. A girl's gotta have priorities. :yes:

    This is the official order: cats, bags, clothes, food. ;)
  8. I save on everything, from my handbags to the groceries. I wait for 40% off sales at Saks, I clip the $0.40 off coupons for ziplock bags, and I negotiated the heck of the Acura sales guy when I bought my car. Savings should always be done. I think I would have given her a dirty look :push:
  9. I am a spender but if there is something that allows me to save money, I won't turn it down either. I think that any smart person does look for ways to save money and not everyone spends money on everything simply b/c they can... and actually, one the reasons many wealthy people are able to save money is b/c they are smart about how they use their money and they make their money work for them.
  10. i figured I wasnt the only one...think she was just shocked to see me bring a hand-ful of coupons out of my chanel bag! not that i give a **** what she thinks, just wanted to make sure i wasnt the only one out there!
  11. I certainly save money where I can. If I spend a bit more on bags its no one's business. And just because one can afford a nice bag, that saleslady had no business commenting on coupon use.
  12. I have learned to be frugal in exchange for luxe. Like, I would only have my occassional $100 dinner to save for my European trip--and I don't travel for weeks, I disappear for months. Rome,Venice,&Paris are expensive for me due to the length of my stay. With that said, If I can save on electricity, grocery shop with coupons while carrying my LV, I would. I don't give 2 hoots to those who look down on me. I love quality bargains but I do splurge on my purses.
  13. There's nothing wrong with frugality, especially when being frugal in one area can finance another. My purses and jewelry are expensive so I look for ways to save in other areas. To me it makes sense (to clip coupons, shop at sales, check out consignment stores) because in the end I get to keep a lot more of my money, which can go toward whatever expensive item I am drooling over at that time. We even catch early movies to save money. Seeing Shrek at noon a few Sundays back was half the price of catching it at 6pm. The end result was the same (saw the movie) but cost my husband less money.
  14. I would say to her, "I didn't get where I am by wasting money"
  15. Whether it is intentional or being funny, it is not a polite thing to ask a customer if her bag is real. I dont see anything wrong in wanting to save some money on things. I bought my groceries and other neccessities from different places and will always compare prices. Why pay more when we dont have to.

    I buy expensive bags and jewelleries and spend on my family but when come to clothes and shoes, I go for sales. I also buy bags from eBay too.

    It is smart to be frugal but at the same time, we should treat ourselves once in a while - expensive bags (if that make us happy :smile:).