1. Hi. I'm sure this is somewhere, but I'll ask again anyhow,
    what is the red purse under your name? I love it! :love:
    Many thanks!
  2. wow, how funny, and I just happen to post this pic. under your thread!!!

  3. Thanks soybean!! i DO love that purse, you're a mind reader!!! :smile:
  4. :biggrin: Keep hanging out at PF, you'll get to know what people tend to favor:biggrin:

    quote=bellaandtyson]Thanks soybean!! i DO love that purse, you're a mind reader!!! :smile:[/quote]
  5. Sorry, I must've been busy...missed this thread :sad2: ! Hope someone helped you out, with this bag?!
    [​IMG]Tod's Carey Sacca Grande $1100 at Eluxury. I returned it because, and this is very unusual, but the magnetic closure was defective plus, I changed my mind too on the big size. I ended up getting this instead from Neimans....for spring/summer.
  6. ooops forgot the pic...my new Tod's.
    (34) Tod's Carey Sacca, Large - 1100.JPG
  7. Very cute! Didn't realize that there was a magnetic closure to it!
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