Purselovers Worldwide! Anyone seen any Mirior in your local store not sold yet?

  1. Hey! Calling all Purse Lovers Worldwide!
    I know I am late but is desperate for a Mirior. I would like to know which LV store in which country, which state that still stocks the Mirior on their shelf, as it is sold out here in Australia.
    Help! Arggggg!:hysteric:
  2. I've only seen the pochettes in silver at the Horton Plaza store, the South Coast Plaza store and the boutique in the Saks at South Coast Plaza. The Horton Plaza store also had the gold pochette last time I was there.
    I don't know if they're sold out already, but the boutique in South Coast's Neiman's also had the Papillon, but I don't know which color(s). The SA just told me she had them when I was there a couple weeks ago.
    All these stores are in California, USA.
  3. It could be a long shot but I am sure I read on here somewhere that the Russian stores still had them. Good luck finding some.
  4. I saw them at the Waikiki Boutique in Hawaii two days ago.
  5. calforina lv store has a sliver pappion as of two hours ago. Call 866 and ask to check all lv calforina stores. I know it is there, my sister almost purchased it then had a cheap attack
  6. I saw a gold papillon and alma in one of the LV boutiques in Las Vegas a few days ago.
  7. i think the lv boutique in maui might have some miroir items left. my cousin just bought a speedy there not too long ago.
  8. Silver pochette and both miroir keychains at the LV Hotel Vancouver today.
  9. Last week I saw both pochettes, gold keepall, and gold alma on display at the Santa Clara, California boutique. Hope that helps!
  10. do you remember which one?

    i am looking for a gold papillon! if anyone sees it in the US can you please put it on hold for me (my name is jayme)? please pm to let me know. I have been looking for it but have no such luck!
  11. They have silver pochettes miroir in Northbrook, Illinois, Louis Vuitton store, their number is (847) 714-1004.

    Good luck

  12. Yah and they also have a silver Papillon.
  13. maybe Paris has bought the last one :biggrin: [​IMG]:drool: :shame:

    i've seen two speedies and two pochettes on display in Milano, the store was the one of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
  14. ^^ That looks tacky
  15. Moscow's boutiques have Miroir both in silver and in gold. I've personally seen Pochette and Papillon, I think they have others too, but I didn't look or ask. Papillon looks nice, btw.

    Ewww, those almas are too tacky!