Purselova34 is RACIST!!!

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Jan 4, 2007
This is Purselova34's Livejournal:

smartie317's Journal

Sure, it might look nice enough based on the posts alone, but look at the stuff she says in her comments. She uses the n-word, calls people "faggots" and tells those who disagree with her that they're going to "burn in hell". How do I know this hateful little girl is Purselova34? She has the same email address listed in her comments to friends as she listed here as the way to contact her about the NY purse meet up ([email protected]). Anyone who is on LJ will also remember the drama she started in the louis_vuitton community . . . she had to be banned by the moderator for starting several flame wars.

On this very site she said that she believes the Holocaust was blown out of proportion.:wtf:

Do the moderators of this site really want an openly homophobic, racist and all around hateful person such as her around insinuating her nastiness at ever chance?

Ban Purselova34 (otherwise known as Hitlerlova34) before it's too late!!!
Not open for further replies.