1. Do any of you use these purse organizers? I have 2 and they are handy but I prefer to see the lining of bag.
  2. I have a medium one in my Chloe Betty and love it. It gives the bag some shape. I just ordered a large one for my speedy 30. I hope it will eliminate some of the sag. Seeing the lining of the bag doesn't bother me. Everyone sees the outside of the bag and I like my bags to have a nice shape to them.
  3. nopes, i don't have one.
  4. I have the medium size. I don't use it in all of my bags, but it's handy for the ones that just have a zippered pocket.
  5. don't have one yet, but i'm seriously considering one for my speedy 30. i carry a ton of stuff and have a really hard time finding what i'm looking for when i start hunting for a particular item.
  6. I don't have one...I saw a commercial about a similar product with a light in it that lights up whenever you open the bag...it gave me a laugh!
  7. some people swear by them for their speedies and i was gonna get one

    but i'm so glad i don't because for me it would just take up space rather than been useful imho
  8. I just got mine, today, but it seems very useful. It's in my new Damier speedy 30 and matches the lining. It keeps my keys from scratching my cell phone and making gouges in my Chanel glasses case. It also keeps the shape of the speedy from sagging.