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  1. Which works best, medium or large?
  2. I would go large
  3. Can anyone show us a pic of their purseket in a Speedy?
  4. I was just looking at the Purseket Web site. The large is 36", so it would make sense that that would be a good size for a Speedy 30 since the 30 is 12" long and 6 1/2" deep. I should be getting my 30 next week, so I think I'm going to order the large.
  5. Thanks, everyone! I'm going to order the large.
  6. Here's the medium in my new (to me) speedy 30!

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  7. I have a large purseket in my speedy 30. It overlaps a bit, but you can always tuck an end pocket back for a better fit! I originally bought a medium, but it left one short side uncovered.
  8. Thanks Zoo Mom!
  9. From reading topics about Pursekets on different boards, it seems like large is the way to go. Apparently the large will overlap in a Speedy 30, but the medium won't go quite all the way around.
  10. Yeh..I'm wanting a large for the speedy 30 now...
  11. The medium is perfect for a Speedy 25 and the small is best for a petit bucket bag.
  12. ZooMom,
    Do you find that your Speedy 30 sags? I'm going to be ordering either the 25 or 30 tonight from eluxury and wanted your opinion. I'm just afraid the 25 would be too small. On a few other threads the ladies talk about growing out of the 25, but I don't want a horrible sag either. Does hte purseket help w/ the sagging since it organized all the items? Thanks for any input.
  13. Are these the same ones on the infomercials?
  14. I have a 25,what do you guys put inside your bags so they dont start sagging..my aunt has a 35 or 40 that is probably 20 years old..let just say when she wears it,it looks like its sweeping the floor =]...what can I use to not get sagging?
  15. Large