Pursekets and Hermes

  1. How many of you use these inside your bags? I've now seen that one or 2 of you do and my curiousity is high! Can you tell me more about them?:rolleyes:
  2. I had never heard about them till tPF! I haven't bought one yet since my bags aren't really the type to need one, but they work well in bags that don't have compartments like the Birkin or the LV Speedy.

    Here's a link:
    Purseket, the original purse pockets. Put it in a Purseket and Dig No More!

    If you search purseket, you'll find a lot of posts about it in the LV subforum - that's where I first learned about them. They're nice because they have pockets, so you can slot in your ipod, phone, PDA, etc... while leaving the center free - makes it more organized!
  3. I have one for my LV Speedy to give it a little structure/pockets. I don't need one in my Evelyne but I could see using one in a tote/Birkin. They make it easy to organize/find stuff! :yes:
  4. here's a picture of one inside my speedy if this help out a bit. It's no Birkin, but just an example:

  5. I use a Chameleon insert in the large size. It fits perfectly inside my Garden Partys PMs and 35cm Birkins. Not so great for my 28cm Kellys.
  6. Wow this is very good! I also think in some of the dark bags (such as the speedy) it can brighten it up and help you to see better! I think it's a great idea for the birkin! I'll check these out - thanks so much!
  7. SHoes.......they have it in leopard print! My fav!!!!!
  8. shopmom -- he he...I love animal prints and just bought a cardigan yesterday from J Crew in that lol!! Oh boy! Do you have one?
  9. I've never heard of this Chameleon insert and just googled it. I love this too!

    purse organizer-pockets for everything


    Very cool!
  10. Me likey!!! Now me go lookie for one!!! Like the leopard print idea!!!
  11. Shopmom and leopard print. My, you really must stick out in Berkeley.
  12. I can't believe I had missed on the earlier threads on this topic. For someone who switches their bags out often, I totally need this. Now to decide...purseket, bagmate, or chameleon? Hmmm....
  13. I bought 2 Pursekets, one is in Lrg which fits well in my Birky 35, 40.
    Another is Med that fits well in the Kelly 32, Birky 30, 35, Bolide 37.
    I used the Lrg Purseket with my baby stuffs (see pics) On the days I carry the Med Purseket, I will carry another baby bag together.
    The Pursekets are very helpful and handy when changing bag to bag, and very organizing to me, because I LOVE carrrying big bags and hate when I always can't find something.. HTH :yes:


  14. Thanks for the helpful pics!^^