Purseket what is it? How much is it?

  1. Purseket for the speedy? What do they look like? How much are they and do you get from LV? Do they work for the speedy 30????
  2. if you do a search on this forum for the purseket you'll find thousands upon thousands of responses
  3. thanks but, I wanted something for the bottom of a speedy 30 so, that will not do..
  4. This does help with the sag....if that's what you're looking for.
  5. Here is a link to the purseket thread. pursekets??

  6. Bonsoir, here is the inside of my Speedy 30 Damier with a LARGE PURSEKET in red. Inside you can see my french wallet, check holder, wapity, pocket agenda... It doesn't sag at all. I've bought this purseket in the Purseket.com site (they ship to France) but you can find some on E-bay (cheaper I think).
  7. i didnt know what the hell it was either until i asked a couple days ago, but everything that i learned from the girls convinced me to buy a large one. hopefully it'll get here the same time as my speedy 30

  8. the bottom of the purseket is open right? the red in the bottom is the damier lining right?
  9. Thank you, gals :flowers:
    You all give me great idea to rearrange my lot stuffs in my speedy 30 :shame:
  10. Question: I ordered a medium pursket but ended up buying a Speedy 35. Will it be way too small that I won't be able to use it??? :cursing: Should have ordered a large too...I ordered every size except a large, and they take so long to ship here to Canada! If I re-order, I'll probably have to wait another couple of weeks.

    Which sized purskets do you guys find work best with which style of LV bags? for example, which bags work good with the drop-in, small, medium large pursket sizes?
  11. This may be a dumb question but does the purseket have something onit that alllows it to stay lined up against the walls of the bag you ar ecarrying?
  12. I bought the purseket in all 4 sizes. I first bought it to help organize my purse and then I realized that it also keeps my bags from sagging. they are great. The way they work is:
    You roll it up and then put it in the bag. When you let go the ket will unroll and expand to the side of your bag. It stays lined up against the walls of the purse on its own.
    hope this helps
  13. Would the medium size be large/small enough for a speedy 25, yet fit also in a speedy 30?
  14. small or drop in works great in reade pm, size bags

    med works great in speedy 25 and alma med can be used in the petit noe but there is a small space. petit bucket, denim speedy( it wont go all the way around gbut found the large to be too tall) piano

    large for speedy 30, petit noe/Batignolles H