Purseket vs. Purse Pleaser

  1. Alright so I've come across some threads discussing pursekets for Speedys. Then I stumble across this link for the Purse Pleaser (hehe).
    Purse Pleaser
    Does anyone have this? What would be better for the Speedy 30?
    Would you rather use the Purseket?
  2. I don't like it at all... I don't care for the Purseket either although I own two in leopard print because I couldn't pass up the print... I'd rather have all LV accessories holding my things inside of my bag. :yes: If I had to choose between the two that you've mentioned I'd go with the Purseket though. JMO.
  3. good point. but the speedy is so roomy, i need to keep it organized in there :smile: am leaning towards the purseket too...
  4. I don't like the idea of it being plastic, with edges that might poke at my bag.
  5. i just bought the purseket in red large (it just came back in stock!) for my new damier speedy 30....i'll let you know how i like it!
  6. that purse pleaser looks like something i'd keep in my bathroom vanity to organize my makeup :sad:
  7. ^^^ I totally agree!
  8. Purseket or other purse accessories(other brands would work too).
  9. neither. i only have to deal with tiny bags (but not for long!!!!)
  10. ITA :roflmfao:
  11. yep, the pursekeeper looks tacky tack. mehh! ok, nevermind i will go w/the purseket...
    i ran into the pursekeeper from the links at the bottom of forum threads; i guess i accidentally clicked on one and it brought me there. go figure...
  12. It looks awful! Get one or more pochettes instead. =( THose colours were


    Would've given me heart attack each time I opened the bag.
  13. heh sorry, should've warned it wasn't for the faint of heart :p
  14. Purseket Large works great for Speedy 30, Stephen, and my other totes form Gucci and Coach. I love how easy it is to change between purses.