Purseket to fit my Damier Speedy 25

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  1. I could use some help. I have read posts from many stating that they have a red purseket in their Speedy 25. For those of you that do would you please guide me as to which purseket I am to purchase for this bag? Please!
  2. i use a red medium purseket. it's just the right height and length :yes:
  3. ^OT

    I like to know too and what about the other products like the clear vinyl ones or the one that looks like a box. Are any of you ladies afraid it will wear out your bags interior in any way. Long term usage that is...
  4. Me too. Perfect.
  5. Mariska and Yeuxhonnetes, Thanks for your input. Just now ordered the medium red purseket! Remember imitation is the highest form of flattery. Thanks!