purseket- patterned or plain?

  1. what do you think? i have a red one that matches the interior of my saleya; i'm thinking of getting a drop in for my noe. i don't know if i should get a plain color or a design.
  2. i have a plain red one, to match the inside of my Monogram, Damier and Cerises Speedies. i find the patterned ones tacky.
  3. I've got a plain red one and I like the way it's not too obvious. A friend peeked in my mono speedy 30 and thought it was all part of the bag! Plain every time.
  4. I'd prefer plain!
  5. my vote is for plain

  6. DITTO!
  7. i have the pattern one, multi dots, and find it rather cute than 'tacky':shrugs: , it really jazz up my bag :smile:
  8. the only pattern I like is the polka dots ... I don't care for the other ones. I have one plain and two polka dot ones (green/white and brown/blue).
  9. I have a plain red one, but maybe a girl needs some variety. Get yourself one patterned so you can have a choice.:graucho:
  10. okay- it's between a brown one with blue dots, or a dark cranberry one. this is a drop infor my petit noe.
  11. I prefer plain =))
  12. I like the patterned ones! Go with the blue and brown dotted one. I think they're more fun.
  13. I have a checkered pink/white one. I remember at the time, I wanted a plain pink one...but there wasn't one available. Some of the prints do look tacky, but I think some are cute too.
  14. depends on the bag its going in.

    Ie: speedy 25 very dark bag/ hard to see in.. I like my pokadot one. It brighten the bag up.
  15. may i ask....where do u ladies get ur pursekets?

    i really want one...im in vancouver....thank you all!!~~~