Purseket Owners Please Help With Sizing

  1. Hi i'm planning on getting one and can't decide between the large or medium size. Most of my bags are more than 15"-20" wide. I do have a handful of bags that are 10"-12" wide.
    Is it better to buy the large or medium?
    Also do they have a all black one? Most i've seen have patterens or solid colors but black.
  2. anyone:confused1:
  3. Don't know--the Purseket site discusses sizes and recommendations. Did you try searching this board?
  4. I have both sizes and tend to use the medium more often than the large. Even on large bags I find that unless you can get the curve at each end just right it makes the bag lean a little to one end. It's hard to do since the pockets on the ends are such different sizes (one is sunglasses size, the other is the velcro-flapped pouch).
  5. The large won't work in your smaller bags, so I'd go with the medium. That's what I have, and I think it's the most versatile.
  6. Will the medium be too smal lfor my bags that are 17"-20" wide though?? I know the 2 ends are suppose to meet or overlap.
  7. I've actually never seen it meet or overlap in any bag. Pursekets are really stiff. In my Batignolles Horizontal I just keep it along one side and let the pockets curve around the side. The purseket stops short of one long side, so it only covers 3 of the 4 sides. I think the speedy is the only bag that comes close to allowing the purseket to overlap or even touch end to end.
  8. Thank you for all your help.
  9. Here are some pictures of pursekets in action. The large size is in my coach bag, which is 17 inches across the front. The medium size is in my LV bag, which is 15 inches across the front. As you can kind of tell in the LV bag, it makes the sides sort of pucker out. I think the only reason it's noticable is that the purse has side buckles to make the top of the bag narrow. Hope this helps!
    coach1.JPG coach2.JPG lv1.JPG lv2.JPG
  10. Actually... I have the small and medium pursekets ( I just went back and looked at my feedback on eBay to confirm).

    The small is in my LV and the medium is in my Coach.