purseket or chameleon and HH bags? ...

  1. hi everyone, im new here! i caught on to TPF from the HH sale, actually. i havent even gotten my bag yet and im hooked!

    my question is...i bought the mercer satchel, and im trying to decide what organizer fits in it. im thinking only the small chameleon fits, since all other styles ive seen are around 7" or taller, and the HH purse is only 7 3/4" tall. the small chameleon is only 5" tall. any experience with this? thanks!
  2. As much as I love the chameleons, for the mercer triple compartment, I would actually consider a purseket, purse-n-izer, or some other kind of "roll-based" purse organizer. The Mercer Triple C doesn't have a lot of structure, and actually these types of stiffer internal organizers really help this bag in particular.

    If you are wanting to definitely get a chameleon (which fits in all kinds of other bags really well), I would go with the small...
  3. I actually have a large chameleon for my Mercer Satchel. The medium chameleon is a little taller than the large. The large works well with my Mercer Satchel. It even adds a bit of structure to the bag.
  4. oh i didnt know the large was shorter! the chameleon website is confusing. it says the large is 6.5" tall, but in the picture, it says 7" tall. im confused! what does your large chameleon measure? also, does it fit without trouble zipping it up, and do you have the extra sturdy one?

    thanks so much!
  5. Wow! I've been going back and forth between an Chameleon and roll-style organizer to make it easier to switch between my Mercer satchel and Pastis frame bags, and the large Chameleon now looks like thw winner. I mean, getting two purse organizers kind of defeats the purpose of making it easier to switch!
  6. hm, still cant decide! the pursekets are also 7" tall, which is taller than the large chameleon...i wonder if the purz n izer will fit better?