Purseket in your Speedy 30?

  1. Anybody have one? do they fit nicely, work well, look good?
  2. I use one in mine. Fits perfectly and helps me to keep my things organized. Plus, it helps the bag to hold it's shape better.
  3. It's pretty good, but I've found that large is better. The meduim size fit my 25 better.
  4. I have the large one for my mini lin speedy 30, because I find it sags more because of the fabric than the mono or the damier. I love it, it holds the shape of the bag really nicely, and it's a nice organizer too. :love:
  5. So-the large is the way to go for a damier speedy 30? Just curious-what colors do you ladies have?
  6. I have both M & L in red.
  7. ^ so helpful! i actually got the medium for my 30. i hope it fits well... i have the garden circles
  8. the large is an awesome size. It over laps a bit. But it fits the 30 great. I got it in Beauty (the pinky color). This color def did not look like the same color IRL.
  9. Come on ladies! Burn those pursekets and let those speedy's sag!!!! ok yikes maybe I am thinking of something else........
  10. BagLadie, what speedy do you have and do you like the speedy sag?
  11. I bought the medium for my 30 and it was too small, so I bought a large also. The large definitely fits better, but I decided that I didn't like the shape with it in so I'm not using either the medium or large! I'm letting it sag. :graucho:
  12. I heard large fits the best!
  13. I bought one and used it for about a week. I just didn't like the way it made my speedy look so stiff. I much prefer the sag. But the purseket is a great organizer for all your stuff. I think I'll use it in my noe instead.