Purseket-grey basket weave pics?

  1. So I'm thinking of getting a new purseket for my Azur speedy. I already have a red one for my damier, but don't really want to use it in my Azur.

    Does anyone here have the grey basket weave print, and if so could you please post pics? Added bonus would be pics with Azur!:nuts:

  2. here u go.
  3. Thanks Mich!:heart:
  4. :flowers:
  5. I think LV should make their own pursket thingys so it can match with the bags...
  6. Or at the very least, purseket should get better fabrics! I really wanted one to match the lining of my Azur. I think the grey basket weave is probably the best choice.
  7. can I ask actually where to get the purseket ? I really don't know where to buy ? thank you.

  8. ITA that grey basket goes best with Azur. I have the pink in mine because grey wasn't available.
  9. eBay
  10. You can goggle and find there website, I'm told they have fabric samples on it :smile:
  11. Oooh thanks for the pic! That's exactly what I want to get for my dentelle speedy. Does it really help the bag from getting misshapen? I'm so used to the structured Miroir speedy, I'd prefer for this dentelle one to hold its shape better.
  12. the dentelle doesn't really sag much, compared to a regular mono speedy. the large purseket definitely helps keep its shape. plus, you can't really see the telltale line/edge from the outside, as you can with regular mono/damier.
  13. The Dentelle Speedy is growing on me... I should have kept myself on the list. Ms. Photographer, have you posted pics of you modelling the Dentelle w/ your stuff in it? Would like to see how much the purseket holds its shape.


    P.S. Pinagbibili mo ang Montaigne mo?
  14. I don't where to get a purseket in the UK..any idea?