Purseket for speedy 25


Jan 6, 2006
Which size do you think would be best? I know that we had a similar thread but that was about a speedy 30. Do you think a medium would fit? Thanks for helping me out again!:biggrin:
Thanks again, Amanda!! So i just have to asked them if they ship to Germany.What pattern did you choose? have you decided what to do with your Balenciaga yet?
i chose the leopard print - it was just too cute! and i'm really leaning towards selling, but i'm not quite sure yet. off to atlanta this weekend to see the parents and look at bags. i thought i had to work, but i was wrong!
Going to Atlanta is more fun than work isn't it. The leopard sounds fun. I think it's good that you don't rush into the decision of selling. You got all the time in the world to sell or not. I hope you'll have a nice weekend!
The medium size has far more colors in stock than the small, so have fun! I got a great color contrast between my Purseket and epi Speedy. It also helps the bag keep its structure really nicely, too, when fully loaded.
thanks for the link :P...actually i saw that before..on ....

...QVC :shame::lol:

(okay i'm not proud of it but I watch all those home shopping thigns when they have purses or jewelry on..it's a guilty pleasure and I won't ever admit that to anyone directly in the face! lol)