Purseket for petit noe?

  1. Would the medium size be right? Does anyone know?
  2. I use a medium in my mono noe and it works really well.
  3. I am using a medium in mine and it fits perfectly!
  4. Excuse me if I sound silly asking this, but what's a purseket? :shrugs:
  5. Is it using a Purseket in the Noe a good idea? it does not become to stiff/hard to close ?
  6. ^ i put a purseket in my petit noe and it became too 'structured' for my taste. (although it worked brilliantly.) there's a dif. style purseket on their site that i was thinking of getting- it goes into the middle of the bag & has 4 pockets- hard to explain- their info:

    Drop-In 5" x 8"
    2 Gusseted pockets on each side. Drop-In that works in tight, narrow spots, tightly divided bags where it can stand up.

    Fits small and narrow handbags with 8" min. opening x 6" min depth

    Price: $16.00
  7. I think I might buy the "drop-in" for my Petit Noe.... it would be good for my cell phone and key case - all of the other junk I carry with me are already in accessory bags, but my cell and key case just kinda of get lost at the bottom of the Petit Noe. Thx for suggesting it!

    I have a large purseket that I bought for my Speedy 30, but I didn't like how the sides of the purse folded over the purseket, so I'm not using it right now. I think I'll give it to my mom for her Harajuku Girls tote bag.
  8. the medium size sounds about right to me
  9. Med is too small, if you want it to go all the way around, it almost gets there but not quite.I have used my med in my petite now and dont care for it, for that reason.
    I personally think the large would work better because you can stretch it open to the size ofthe bag and use a paper clip to hold it in that place,
    here is the med in the petit noe
  10. Waking a 5 year old thread alive right now hehe. But I recently bought a petite noe and would prefer a purse organizer in it. Do you still recommend the medium sized purseket? Also I'm not sure what color to pick, either beauty which is some kind of red or the tan one with white pattern, almost looking like the monogram pattern. Is it too much to pick the later?
  11. [​IMG]

    That is a medium ^^^

  12. It is a pocket liner used to add organization to your bag. It is a flat line of sewn compartments that can wrap around the base of any bag.....see pic! It's the green thing
  13. Thank you for you picture! Just got home a medium but it will curl and not stay in place. How do you do to make it stay?
  14. Once your stuff is in there it should be ok... I just didn't use the pockets on the ends
  15. wow. im glad this thread came back alive..
    I'm currently using my MC petit noe and i hate now it just looks all squishy. My Epi petit noe is still holding its shape well....

    Just wondering if I should buy a purseket or a purse organizer..
    which would give the purse a better "shape" ??