Purseket for Chanel?

  1. I've seen the purseket (Sp?) for the LV Speedy and was wondering if there was anything close for a Chanel GST? Or do any of you lovely ladies have any tricks for keeping the shape? I've been using my GST for my everyday bag and it's starting to smoosh downward and seeing the pictures of how bad they can get, I'm trying to do some prevention!

  2. I've been thinking about using one of these as well, though for another handbag. There's also the Chameleon insert and Bagmate, but I have not tried either.

    Try the thread in the Hermes forum--they had photos/feedback there!
  3. I have a large purseket that I use for my LV Speedy but I think that it's too big for a GST so perhaps a small or medium sized one might work better. It definitely helps my speedy from sagging and since that's only canvas, I can imagine that it will help leather hold its shape better since it's sturdier than canvas. I don't have a GST so I'm not sure which size would work best, but if you get one to work for you, please let me know what size as I'm eyeing the GST as my next Chanel purchase =)
  4. I'll take a look, thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Will do!
  6. With the GST tote being a lot stiffer and structured, I'm not sure a Purseket would help shape the bag at all, like it does with a Speedy. It seems like the smooshing down of the GST's is kind of inevitable after seeing a lot of pictures like that.