Purseket for 40cn Birkin

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  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for an insert for a 40 cm Birkin?
    I am thinking to try a large Pursket, unless someone can recommend something better.
    Thanks much !
  2. In my larger bags, such as Vuitton my Damier Saleya(I don't have large H ---yet:greengrin:smile: I use two Pursekets!
    I always wished for a leather version. Wonder if it exists...
  3. Forgive my ignorance. What's a purseket?
  4. golconda - there was discussion of the chameleon insert in this thread:


    I got one in the large size and I don't know how I lived without it before...lol It has made switching bags effortless and it keeps everything very well organized.

    I use it in my 35cm, 40cm, and JPG birkins - it also fits in many other bags as well :smile:
  5. Does it also help keep things a little more secure if you wear your bag open? I do find myself worrying about that sometimes like on the tube
  6. It keeps everything in one place - don't know if that is more secure...lol It does have a couple of little velcro closure pockets for putting small stuff. I wear my bags open as well, and it makes it easier for me to just glance down into my bag and see if everything is still there ;)
  7. Sounds like a good investment
  8. I had a custom fabric sleeves made to fit it into my birkin, but in the end it made me put things more than I should into the bag