purseket colors- red, burgundy

  1. hi! a pfer asked me to post pics of the colors of the pursekets. there is a photo of the red purseket inside the saleya mm- matches perfectly. the cranberry purseket is the small one on top of the red purseket. it is a deeper red shade- hard to tell in my pics, but there is a difference. the red is a bright, ruby red and the cranberry is more garnet than ruby. both are nice! [​IMG]


  2. ^ red, cranberry- sorry- cranberry, not burgundy~ if a mod can change the title, i'd appreciate it! thanks!
  3. ooh thank you! this is really helpful. would you say that in real life, the colors are also similar but slightly different, like they are in your pix? from the purseket.com swatches i thought cranberry would be darker than the red, but it looks like it's just more cool-toned rather than darker?
  4. ^ it's a little darker, but i think you are right on with it being more cool-toned. i use the red-red one in the saleya w/vachetta lining, and the cranberry goes (currently) in my petit noe w/brown lining. also, fyi- the purseket website says that they will have more colors in the spring, so you may want to wait a few weeks to see what else they come out with. [​IMG]
  5. ooh maybe i'll wait to see what colors they come out with next month! thanks for that info. i think i like cranberry more than red... i have a mono speedy so i don't need to match the interior lining, or else i'd get red. :smile: but i guess i'll wait to see if they come out with any other cool colors/patterns! thanks again!
  6. i like the cranberry better, too. i love that the red matches the saleya lining perfectly, though. good luck deciding!