purseket color rub off on mc

  1. items? i have a red purseket and just bought a cranberry one- i don't own any white mc, but am thinking of a small item. has anyone had color transfer to the mc from the purseket? thanks!
  2. I own a pink purseket and have many Black MC accessories.

    I haven't had any color transfer from the purseket to the MC canvas at all.

    I'm not sure if I'm any help, since your asking about White MC. :shrugs:
  3. I havent had any color transfer from my cranberry purseket onto my azur speedy
  4. I would think if the red interior of the white larger bag doesnt fade onto the white wallet or pochette or accessories that the purseket should be good too. I dont own one of those tho, but would like to. As long as you dont get any of it wet? I tend to carry 20oz soda or water bottles with me everywhere inside my bag so I am not a good example. Anything that could possibly transfer color of mine, already has! lol
  5. Since we are on this topic, where do you guys get your pursekets from? I see some on eBay. Is there a better venue?
    TIA! Such a cute item. I am thinking hot pink inside my black multi bags! WHEW!
  6. ^ i bought one from the purseket website, and one from eBay. the eBay one was *slightly* cheaper. thanks for the responses- i just don't want to buy an item only to have it turn pink! although pink might be pretty...
  7. i dont think it would transfer, because of the material...