Purseket and Speedy question.

  1. Which purseket size works best with the Speedy 30? It looks really interesting and functional, so is it really that useful?
  2. So the large purseket goes with the speedy 30. But does anyone who has an epi speedy 30 use a purseket? I saw a lot of pursekets with the canvas speedy's, but the epi's a a bit stiffer, so is it going to be hard fetching things out of the pockets since the purseket get pushed to the side of the bag and the epi speedy opening is kind of stiff?
  3. LARGE!

    Do a search on purseket * in the lv forum* there are about 9 pages of viewing.
  4. one of the sa's asked me about my speedy when I was walking around and I showed them my purseket and they thought it was really neat thing to have :smile:.
  5. I agree. Large.
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