Pursegrrl's in Nashville about to get her first epi...

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  1. Greetings all (y'all?)

    OK, the last time I traveled on business (Ft. Lauderdale) I came home with a Trouville. Today I just spent the afternoon at the mall at Green Hills (woo hooo!) and have a black epi Speedy 30 on hold. Should I??? :p I decided to sleep on it because I've been working weird overnight shifts for this project and don't want to be loopy when I purchase...OK who am I kidding...I'm probably going to get it. I really want a speedy 30 but already have a mono 25 - awesome SA Kim showed me the black epi 30 and she is amazing!! :yahoo:

    Anyone ever regret their epi speedy? Is it too 'rubbery' to some or does it soften up in time?
  2. I have a black epi speedy 25 and I LOVE it. It was my first LV. I don't find it rubbery. I just think of the leather as being LV's leather kind of like Chanel's cavier leather . . . a leather that is specific to/a signature of a specific brand. I have found it to be easy to use and carefree. I have banged my bag around and used it in the pouring rain. Rain beads up on it and doesn't get absorbed - which is great IMO!
  3. you won't regret the epi speedy. it's a gorgeous piece that stands up great over time! i have one that's from 1992 and still looks brand new! definitely not rubbery but it has its own special flexibility.
  4. I would love en epi speedy. Usually I would say epi leather is hard but for the speedy they make it more flexible.
  5. I love the epi speedy. Go for it!
  6. Epi Speedy very elegant and gorgeous. No it doesn't look rubbery at all.
  7. Epi Speedy
  8. I'd get it! It is one BEAUTFUL bag you won't regret getting!
  9. Definitely go for it! It's GORGEOUS!
  10. Beautiful!!! Hope you get it! :yahoo:
  11. Most here love the epi speedy but I'm going to have to be the only one sitting on the other side of your shoulder saying dont do it! lol

    I've had the epi speedy in black and toted it once before selling it. I didnt like it at all after toting a mono speedy. Wasn't my style at all.

    It's a great bag. Love it on everyone else tho. In the end it will be entirely to you so if you like it, go for it!
  12. It's a very classic, understated bag from Louis Vuitton and I love it!

    I would go pick it up if I were you!
  13. Thank you all so much for your feedback! OK, I will probably go back on Sunday unless there is a work crisis and take a look at it again before I decide...so tempting!

    Stay tuned.
  14. :noggin: I want to know NOW lol :p
  15. Definitely get it!! Let us know what happens!!