Pursegrl12's Collection.....just starting :)

  1. 1st pic- Black Anna Corrina Mini-City
    2nd pic- Brown Grerard Darel Leather Flap
    3rd pic- Black Isabella Fiore Chain reaction
    AC mini.JPG GD flap.JPG IF chain reaction.JPG
  2. Great collection-
  3. Lovely collection!
  4. Beautiful collection! Love your black Anna Corrina Mini-city. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Pretty!
  6. more pics.....

    large satin blue butterfly tote
    small navy butterfly tote
    LV Alma
    & lastly.......my little collection :yahoo::yahoo:
    large satin blue bulga.JPG small navy bulga.JPG LV Alma.JPG collection.jpg
  7. Very nice collection. I like your Alma!
  8. lovely collection =)
  9. the patina on your alma is so pretty! and i really like your navy bulga
  10. Thanks Ladies! I hope my collection continues to grow!
  11. I LOVE your Gerard Darel! Where did you get it?!! Lovely collection!

  12. amiekbs8- Thanks! I got it at Neiman's earlier this year, it's one of my favorite's.
  13. It's gorgeous! It looks bigger than the 24h, how do you like it? Fits a lot? Sturdy? heavy? 21 questions? :p
  14. it's ok, i like answering questions about my bags!
    it's bigger than the 24 hr, fits a TON & extremely lightweight & slouchy! the color is TDF b/c you can wear it with a black or brown based outfit. it's beautiful, probably my best purchase yet! :tup::tup::tup:
  15. love your alma!