pursegalsf's collection...

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  1. Here are some of my precious bags... A Damier Speedy 30 and a Classic flap will be added soon

    - First pic is of my semi complete collection
    - Second pic is of my Speedy 30, makeup case, french wallet, and a black MC wapity.
    - Third pic is of my Chanel silver medallion tote and cambon bowling bag.
    - Fourth pic are some of my Guccis
    - Fifth pic is my Marc Jacobs multipocket and a black Fendi.

    More pics soon
  2. nice Gucci collection!!
  3. thanks!!!:shame:
  4. Sweet collection...I love Gucci too...thanks for the pics.
  5. nice guccies:biggrin:
    i liked the one with red handle.. i bet its fun..:love: !!
    what is that promissing black one hidding in the left of the photo..?? it looks nice enough to be introduced to us more:nuts:
  6. Hehe, you never have to worry about your wallet not matching your bag, lovely collection !
  7. Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing!
  8. very nice!
  9. Very nice collection!
  10. VERY nice!!!
  11. NOt so modest to me!!
  12. Nothing modest about your collection!
  13. thanks for sharing! i really like the tote thats under the one wrapped around the top of the chair! :smile:
  14. Nice to see someone else's collection who loves Gucci too!
  15. Agreed what a great collection!!! Love your selections!:nuts: